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Ask BB: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding - Under $50

I am going to a semi-formal January wedding in Boston. I want to be warm without sacrificing style. I have a very limited budget because of the holiday season. How can I look cute without being too cold and while staying under $50? —Erin

For winter-wedding attire that won't break the bank, check out Target's Limited-Edition Dress Collection, where you will find 34 styles under $39.99, like the classic Audrey, the festive gold-jacquard Claudia or the vivacious red-satin Taylor.

Three looks from Target's Limited-Edition holiday dress collection.

If you're wondering how you will stay warm, there are a couple things you can do. First off, go ahead and splurge on a long, black, wool-blend coat. You may only wear it once or twice a year, but if you live in a cold climate, it will be well worth the investment. I bought mine at Filene's Basement for around $250 and it was worth every penny (I'm from Chicago, now living in New England, so I don't mess around when it's cold). Pick a clean, simple, classic design and it will never go out of style...something like this:

DKNY at ShopStyle

With a coat like that, you can wear a skimpy sequin cocktail dress underneath without freezing to death. A vintage fur is another route to take if you like. Other winter must-haves include leather gloves lined in cashmere and a cashmere scarf. You can find these on sale at department stores at the end of the season or off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

It goes without saying that most formal dresses are not warm—a fully lined, floor-length velvet dress may be marginally warmer than say, a slip-dress—but if you're in a heated hotel or restaurant, you should be fine while mingling and dancing. Bring a pretty wrap, faux-fur stole, velvet bolero, or dressy shrug to keep shoulders warm while dining (or if you get seated by a draft).

Something like this sequin shrug will add a tiny bit of warmth and a lot of glamour:


Alternatively, you can just shop for inexpensive accessories that will help you update an oldie-but-goodie LBD (see this post for ideas).

The LBD is so cute!
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