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Win Cool Stuff: 2 Tolani Scarves from Celebrity Style Guide

And the winner is… #38 Roxanne! She wrote "Lady GaGa. Lady breaks the mold and is apologetically a lover of style and quite the icon in the making. Love."

Congratulations to our winner and thanks again to Celebrity Style Guide for making this great giveaway possible!!

Win Cool Stuff: 2 Tolani Scarves from Celebrity Style Guide

Please note: This giveaway has ended.

We've teamed up with Celebrity Style Guide to offer one lucky reader the chance to brighter her wardrobe with 2 Tolani scarves, similar to the ones worn above by beautiful Halle Berry! These pricey designer scarves are the perfect way to add a pop of color and luxury to your everyday outfits.

To enter, visit then tell us which celebrity is your favorite fashion muse in the comments section below.

This giveaway is open to both United States and Canadian residents. Please note that Celebrity Style Guide cannot be responsible for international shipping problems such as customs, tracking, theft or loss.

Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, February 3 at 12 noon ET to be eligible to win. Bookmark this page, where one winner selected at random will be announced Thursday, February 4.

Good luck!

kate moss :-)
#1 Christie Wang on 2010-01-19 16:52
Nicole Richie - I would never go all-out bohemian like she does, but a splash or two is fun!
#2 Maria on 2010-01-19 17:05
I like Amanda Bynes, she has cool style and makes it seem effortless.
#3 kappapsichica on 2010-01-19 17:07
My muse is Emma Watson!
#4 L on 2010-01-19 17:47
My vote goes to Kim Kardashian!
#5 Nancy on 2010-01-19 18:21
I love Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Lauren Conrads style!
#6 Vanessa V. on 2010-01-19 18:23
Rachel Bilson-I think she does a nice, understaed boho with others looks mixed in.
#7 Ashley W. on 2010-01-19 18:27
I love Sarah Jessica Parker. She is beautiful (and she is the same age as I am)!
#8 Christine M. Uberti (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 18:42
I think I'm more Nicole Richie than the other celebrities. She always looks so comfortable.
#9 Beth G (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 19:10
Eva Longoria!!

#10 Janine (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 19:11
I saw Hillary Duff on the cover of People Style Watch a few months ago and fell in love with her perfect combinations of girly/casual/edgy/glam! I think her style is attainable for someone like me. Great giveaway, thanks!
#11 Liz (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 19:16
I love rachel bilson's style. She is so well put together and chic all the time. would love to shop from her closet!!:-D
#12 Christine on 2010-01-19 19:21
I love Jennifer Anniston's style... relaxed and casual but still put together.
#13 brandi (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 19:26
selena gomez! - simple and sweet :-)
#14 JK on 2010-01-19 19:34
I am fan Siena Miller's style. Her fashion choices are interesting -- she sets her own style rather than follow every trend. And Halle Berry always looks fabulous on the red carpet, so just for that I have to put her on my list.

Thanks for the giveaway!
#15 Clara on 2010-01-19 19:34
I had a lot of fun looking at that site. I'll pick Reese Witherspoon.
#16 Janet on 2010-01-19 20:12
Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Hilary Duff is my fashion muse! She has great street style that is simple and beautiful. Scarves are one of her essential style elements so I would love to imitate her looks with some new scarves :-)
#17 Danielle (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 20:13
Nicole Richie.
#18 Jennifer on 2010-01-19 20:24
Jennifer Aniston
Eva Longoria
Blake Lively
Casual, yet classy.
#18.1 Rebecca J on 2010-01-20 18:18
Easy - Ashley Tisdale. She can even make sweats look fabulous, and she can go from boho to polished seamlessly. Even her dog always looks fabulous!
#19 Erin on 2010-01-19 20:25
I definitely have to say Jennifer Aniston. She makes casual sexy and fun and not just your everyday jeans and tshirt.
#20 Stephanie (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 20:41
I think that Keira knightly has an amazing understated style
#21 Jasmine Lew on 2010-01-19 21:03
Kim Kardashian!!!
#22 Erin Smith on 2010-01-19 21:17
Anne Hathaway is amazing. Her style is incredible. She could pull anything off.
#23 Nikki (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 21:24
Kate Moss!
#24 CH on 2010-01-19 21:36
Reese Witherspoon, absolutely. I love the way she dresses up and down.
#25 Kristen (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 22:06
Nicole Richie always and Forever! :-)
#26 Erin Des Jardines on 2010-01-19 22:10
Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson-both always look effortlessly chic!
#27 jessica on 2010-01-19 22:25
Reese Witherspoon - always elegant and classy.
#28 Lindsey on 2010-01-19 22:36
Amanda Bynes, for sure.
#29 Miranda on 2010-01-19 22:54
As far as red carpet is concerned, I think I'll have to go with Anne Hathaway. Although she did have a very rough start, the dress she wore to the Venice Film Festival completely blew me away.

As far as street style, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller--too bad my body shape is as different from theirs as one could be...but I do take what I can for inspiration for more...shape flattering outfits on my part.
#30 Sarah (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 23:04
gotta be nichole richy f'sho!
#31 Jenny (Homepage) on 2010-01-19 23:14
Kate Moss or Taylor Swift!
#32 Jen on 2010-01-19 23:30
Whitney Port! her style is so feminine and graceful but without being too fussy
#33 Miss Neira (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 00:20
My top three are:

1. Hilary Duff
2. Emma Roberts (who is sadly not featured on Celeb Style Guide)
3. Audrina Patridge

p.s. Love the site. :-)
#34 Kim on 2010-01-20 00:25
Selena Gomez...
#35 Jodie on 2010-01-20 00:51
#36 Ashley on 2010-01-20 01:07
I would say Taylor Momsen. Just without the eyemakeup. :]
#37 Eddue on 2010-01-20 01:35
Lady GaGa. Lady breaks the mold and is apologetically a lover of style and quite the icon in the making. Love.
#38 Roxanne on 2010-01-20 01:46
I love Dita Von Teese, she has a wardrobe theme and she nails it every time. Definitely one of my favorite!
#39 Mel (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 02:10
Catherine Zeta Jones. Eva Longoria.
#40 Stephanie Dial on 2010-01-20 04:27
I really LOVE Blake Lively's style on and off the show! She knows how to show off her best assets :-)
#41 styleezta (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 05:11
I love nicole richie and gwen stefani's style!!
#42 christy (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 05:23
Sarah Jessica Parker.

She is a fashion risk taker and trendsetter. And my favorite part is no matter what she looks feminine and gorgeous.
#43 Annie on 2010-01-20 06:20
I love Cameron Diaz & Reese Witherspoon.
#44 Amy on 2010-01-20 07:44
I'm a big fan of Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham & Sarah Jessica Parker... 3 very different styles, but I like the combination :-)
#45 Jessica on 2010-01-20 08:19
Cameron Diaz ia the best !!
#46 PageRank Checker (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 08:29
Rihanna!!! She has just enough GLAM and EDGE
#47 Kim Ramos on 2010-01-20 08:54
Rihanna and Kim K, both ladies are super edgy and sexy and push the limit 10X of where I could ever attempt to push it in fashion.
#48 Teresa on 2010-01-20 08:57
Lauren Conrad, her style can relate to anyone!
#49 Megan on 2010-01-20 09:00
Lauren Conrad, very girly girly and not over the top. Runners up, Kim K, Cameron D and Whitney Port!
#50 maria on 2010-01-20 09:02
My celebrity style crush is Halle Berry.
Whether casual or glammed up, she never seems to miss a beat. Her edgy, laid-back cool vibe is inspirational. I love that she pulls it off at her age too!!!
#51 teerama on 2010-01-20 09:25
Red carpet is always Kate Winslet. Rachel Bilson for street wear.
#52 Alicia on 2010-01-20 09:45
I appreciate the way she looks! And I also want to dress up this style - I think it will be appropriate for me too:)
#53 Diana (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 10:04
I'd have to say SJP. I envy her ability to handle all styles: from ultra-chic to high fashion funky to casual.
#54 Jordan on 2010-01-20 10:05
I love Halle Berry's style - she can dress it up or down effortlessly, and her style is current yet she's isn't trying so hard to be "hip" - I don't think I've ever seen her look bad!
#55 k on 2010-01-20 10:28
I love Whitney Port. She's glam but casual all at the same time, plus I'm tall like she is.
#56 Cydney W on 2010-01-20 10:33
I have to say Rachel Bilson. She has such a fashionable yet relaxed style that sets her above average in the fashion world and puts her as a nice icon to emulate as her fashion sense translates into the real world nicely.

A good recent picture to check out (for those rainy days coming up in Spring would be on page 2 of RB page on, the second to last picture (where Miss Bilson is in rainboots and a trench and looking stylish as ever).
#57 Johanna F on 2010-01-20 10:35
Kate Winslet, because she's chic, beautiful, and age-appropriate!
#58 Erica on 2010-01-20 10:44
Blake Lively - she always looks so classy with an edge!
#59 chloe on 2010-01-20 11:01
Love-love-love the Kardashian sisters! Mainly Kim! My reasoning is that they always wear clothing that hugs their curves and rarely try to hide them! Thank you for including her in your posts. Keep up the good work, BB. Such an inspiration you are.
#60 Jessaminute on 2010-01-20 11:11
I love Diane Kruger and Kate Moss for their chic urban street wear and Emma Watson and Heidi Klum for their fresh and always-pretty red carpet looks.

Dakota Fanning is always quite a stunner at the movie premieres, too -- it's amazing that someone so young has such impeccable taste!
#61 Nikki W. on 2010-01-20 11:15
Emma Watson, no question. Classy, functional, and feminine.
#62 Jessica Smith on 2010-01-20 11:16
Definitely Rachel Bilson!
#63 Jackie on 2010-01-20 11:30
I love Mary Kate Olsen's style. It's so effortlessly cool and the right balance of "i don't care" with art. It's amazing!
#64 Jane on 2010-01-20 12:15
Audrina Patridge. Love the California style.
#65 Elisa Taylor (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 13:20
Katie Holmes or Kim Kardashian
#66 Nicole on 2010-01-20 13:39
I love Anne Hatheway always very elegant and classy.
#67 alex on 2010-01-20 13:46
I love Cate Blanchett's style, especially some of her minimalist/architectural dresses. She is so confident that she can pull off anything!
#68 Emily Anderson (Homepage) on 2010-01-20 15:01
Reese Witherspoon. She's blonde and petite like me! I love her style.
#69 FaithJ on 2010-01-20 15:35
I also love Reese Witherspoon. She is extremely versatile. From jogging in a cute cap with Jake Gyllenhaal, to grabbing Starbucks in her preppy sweater collared shirt ensemble, I love how she always makes me want to say (*"super cute!"*). She dresses up, she dresses down, I like her all encompassing style. Now I want to go shopping!
#70 Kim on 2010-01-20 16:06
I have to go with Rachel Bilson, her laid back, not too overly done style is right up my alley. Also right up there with Rachel is Reese Witherspoon - she's a career woman and a mom-on -the-go, and always looks put together whether she's taking the kids to the park or heading out for an evening on the town.
#71 Lori on 2010-01-20 16:14
My choice for my favorite celeb fashion
muse is Penelope Cruz. She is a classic beauty and her style is usually
elegant and sexy. Thanks for the chance to win two very lovely scarves!
Thanks, Cindi
#72 Cindi on 2010-01-20 16:52
I love Rachel Bilson's cool, laid-back style. She always looks so efforlessly chic.
#73 Heather on 2010-01-20 18:56
I'd have to go with Jennifer Aniston - I've always just liked the white tee & jeans look...easy & comfortable!
#74 Tammy on 2010-01-20 19:00
I love Eva Longoria's Style! She is so classy and effortlessly chic!
#75 Lake on 2010-01-20 20:53
i like lauren conrad's style. she is sophisticated while still edgy.
#76 Sarah on 2010-01-20 21:35
Oh my goodness, how to pick just one?! Some of my top faves include:

Reese Witherspoon
Rachel Bilson
Nicole Richie
#77 AliciaS on 2010-01-21 08:39
I would have to say Nicole Ritchie is my fav. I never really liked her that much but everytime i see her out i love what she is wearing. she is chic with a bit of a boho or rocker edge!! Love!!!
#78 Kaitlin on 2010-01-21 13:44
Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon! Laid back but classy and put-together.
#79 Amber on 2010-01-21 13:44
I love, love, love Jennifer Anniston's style!
#80 Candice Truett on 2010-01-21 14:47
I like Halle Berry for the red carpet because I have never seen her in a dress that I didn't like. I like Rachel Bilson for everyday style. It is similar to the kind of stuff that I like to wear.
#81 Athena on 2010-01-21 15:39
I can't pick just one. I love the bohemian style of Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens (when she doesn't wear super oversized stuff). But I also like the feminine and clean lines that Lauren Conrad, Natalie Portman and Selena Gomez wear.
#82 Jackie on 2010-01-21 17:19
I like the way Halle Berry wears the Tolani scarves. I have never seen her in an outfit or dress that I didn't like. Beautiful!
#83 Patti on 2010-01-21 17:35
then... lady gaga HAHHA (:
#84 Dalena H on 2010-01-21 23:58
Blake Lively. Her style is great if she is in jeans and a t or on the red carpet! So chic.
#85 Molly on 2010-01-22 14:35
My favorite was not included in their celebrity list :o(. That would be Mila Kunis; I really enjoy her laid-back, easy going style. It's approachable and definitely everyman.

From the list, Rachel Bilson all the way. She's petite and knows how to dress for her body. She has a definite bohocasual style that I find inspiring when I go to dress myself.
#86 Claudia on 2010-01-22 15:40
Rachel Bilson!
#87 Stefanie on 2010-01-22 16:05
Leighton Meester hands down! I love her preppy style on gossip girl and also her fearless style in real life. she doesnt just look like everyone else. she tries new trends and creates her own.
#88 Leighanne (Homepage) on 2010-01-22 20:56
I'm mexican and I love Selena Gomez style.
You can follow her style at Forever 21
#89 Dulce on 2010-01-22 22:56
I would have to say Natalie Portman. She has a classic look that is reminiscent of old Hollywood charm. She is the modern day Audrey Hepburn, a style that can be described of as less is more. She looks just as glamorous in her converse and ripped jeans as she does in Zac Posen gowns.!
#90 Dawn on 2010-01-23 00:22
I love Ashley Olsen's simple yet elegant style.
#91 Connie on 2010-01-24 00:25
I think Blake Lively wears her clothes so well & has worn some dresses that I myself would love to own or at least try on!
#92 Sue on 2010-01-25 11:13
I adored Anne Hathaway. She can simply do no wrong.
#93 Kayla (Homepage) on 2010-01-25 17:34
Natalie Portman, and more recently Drew Barrymore - such a natural beauty!
#94 Patty (Homepage) on 2010-01-25 22:02
My muse is ASHLEY TISDALE. I love her style!
#95 Jenay Stout on 2010-01-26 23:10
My muse if Beyonce. She is a full figured woman and not afraid to show it with such flair and confidence.

Beyonce changes her style consistently and with each change there is a shimmer of maturity in her decisions letting you know that she took care in her selections and always focuses on the final package being presented with taste.
#96 MIchelle Padilla on 2010-01-27 12:25
I don't see her on the Celebrity Style Guide, but I like Zooey Deschanel's quirky vintage style. I also like the classy but comfortable look of Jessica Alba.
#97 Gienah Ghurab on 2010-01-27 23:08
Reese Witherspoon
#98 Komal on 2010-01-28 11:17
Vanessa Hudgens-easy, relaxed style but still put together...every day and on the red carpet!
#99 Irene on 2010-01-28 17:41
Kim Kardashian!!!!!!!!! Young, sexy, and still sophisticated.
#100 Rebecca on 2010-01-28 22:25
Love the classic Katherine Hepburn and inspired styles from that era- obviously not all of what she wore is applicable now. Grace Kelly and of course Jackie O and Audrey- class and style.
On the website, Leighton Meester and Mischa Barton... Sarah Jessica Parker too.
#101 Emily on 2010-01-29 13:34
Mandy Moore. She's just darling!
#102 Sally (Homepage) on 2010-01-29 14:14
I don't like Cameron Diaz as an actor, but when she's out and about, she looks like someone I could hang out with. Nice.
#103 Abbi on 2010-01-30 15:51
Definitely Vanessa Ann Hudgens! She has the feminine and rocker/ sweet and edgy vibe down! Love her style
#104 Cheryl lynn on 2010-01-30 20:44
Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba. Both dressed down and up very gorgeous.
#105 thegreenscarfgirl on 2010-02-02 22:49
Jennifer Aniston is my favorite. :-)
#106 Cecilia on 2010-02-03 05:33
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