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Win Cool Stuff: Ettika Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet

And the winner is… #106 Andrea! Congrats to our winner and thanks to everyone who participated.

Please note: This contest has ended.

We've teamed up with Ettika Jewelry to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an Ettika Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet, valued at $50! Ettika is all about bringing out your inner Guru, nurturing the free spirit and promoting positive energy. YOU get to pick the color bead and the color leather, creating a custom look that suits your style. Fashion editors and Hollywood A-listers alike love Ettika jewelry, which has been spotted on stars like Eva Longoria Parker, Halley Berry, Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani, to name a few. Ettika jewelry is handcrafted in the USA with love.

Wear them, stack them, give them, love them.

To enter for your chance to win, visit then tell us what's your favorite item in the comments section below.

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents. Comments must be posted by March 9, 2010 by 12 noon ET to be eligible to win. One winner will be selected at random and will be announced later that day, so bookmark this page and check back.
Ettika Satin and Leather Strand Combination Bracelet with Single Charm: I like a lot.
#1 Hana K. (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 18:39
The Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet is actually my favorite of it all, but other than that the "Saying" bangles are pretty awesome.
#2 Joleyn on 2010-03-01 19:01
Guuh I love everything, it's so hard to choose! Maybe the Tree of Life Leather Bracelet.
#3 Marta on 2010-03-01 19:07
My favorite item is this clutch:

In brown leather with a gold tree of life emblem.
#4 Jessica (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 19:08
my favorite is also the Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet! there's others too, but i guess coincidentally my favorite piece happens to be the one that's also a prize!
#5 Kay W. (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 19:09
I actually like the giveaway bracelet best - I love it with the berry colored leather and the gold beads. I love the splash of color!!
#6 Melanie (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 19:11
All the jewelery is exactly my style! I especially like the Phaistos Coin Chain Necklace
#7 Ming on 2010-03-01 19:12
I love their feather earrings. I love feather anything.
#8 Tatiana on 2010-03-01 19:24
I love the medium paisley leather bracelet!
#9 Ali on 2010-03-01 19:28
there was so much to choose from but i think my favorite is the "Ettika Deerskin Leather and Crystal Chain Combination Braid Bracelet"
#10 emily on 2010-03-01 19:45
I'm loving the Ettika Charmed Ancient Disk Deerskin Leather Wrap!
#11 Katie Lynn (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 19:54
The Braided Satin Cord Bracelet w/Single Charm is so simple but it is absolutely gorgeous!
#12 Amy on 2010-03-01 19:57
Wow, that giveaway bracelet is hot.

Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that any of the following items MIGHT be invited to have my babies. Hypothetically.

( me!...)
#13 Sandra on 2010-03-01 20:07
I love the simplicity of the Ettika Heart w/ Semi-Precious Stone Necklace :-)
#14 Lena on 2010-03-01 20:16
I love the Ettika Phaistos Coin Deerskin Leather Necklace. It reminds me of ancient greek and roman coins
#15 Johanna on 2010-03-01 20:33
Ettika single charm braided leather bracelet! It's quirky but still cute and will go with everything.
#16 Stacy Z on 2010-03-01 20:58
My favorite is the giveaway bracelet - the Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet!
#17 Marianna (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 21:00
the tree of life leather bracelet is gorgeous!
#18 Beth G (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 21:02
Hamsa Outline leather bracelet. It's gorgeous!
#19 Silvina on 2010-03-01 21:03
I tried to decide, but I just can't... I LOVE BOTH... Ettika's "SILVER Circle Peace Love with BLACK Deerskin Leather Necklace", AND their "Medium SILVER Peace Charm w/ BLACK Flat Leather Anklet"!!
#20 Carrie on 2010-03-01 21:14
Large Tree of Life Leather Belt is my favorite!
#21 Denise on 2010-03-01 21:19
I would get the Ettika Multicolor Wrap Bracelet with 10 Charms. Customized to my liking. =)
#22 Sarah Sosa on 2010-03-01 22:06
I would get my girlfriend the Ettika Tree of Life Leather Bracelet (gold and green). Cause she begged...
#23 Jose Rodriguez on 2010-03-01 22:08
I really like n234 ettica wax necklace with charmed tassels. I love the torquise color and cute charms!
#24 alex on 2010-03-01 22:16
I'm loving the wishbone leather bracelet! :-)
#25 Kitty on 2010-03-01 22:34
Such pretty accessories! :-)

I love the Peacock Feather Chain Necklace, Oval Semi Precious Stone Bracelet, Multicolor Wrap Bracelet with 10 Charms, and Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet!!

So colorful and pretty.
#26 Vinu P on 2010-03-01 22:38
I love the Ettika Phaistos Coin Double Leather Strap Bracelet... It has that all vintage bohemian feel that is so special and quitehard to find atthe moment.. I like!
#27 Amanda on 2010-03-01 22:46
Love the Tree of Life Chain Necklace. It is pretty, simple, and versatile.
#28 Dian on 2010-03-01 22:46
I love the KC10 - Ettika Peace Key - Key Chain.
#29 Jennifer Nguyen on 2010-03-01 22:48
Love the paisley leather bracelet.
#30 Rachel on 2010-03-01 22:52
It's hard to pick just one, but I love the Ettika Multi-Faceted Beads Strands Leather Bracelet!
#31 Kate on 2010-03-01 22:52
wow, so cute.
I am loving the leather charm bracelets. Especially the sea creature charms.
#32 Teresa on 2010-03-01 23:07
Well, I love necklaces and I love paisley so I'm going to have to go with the large paisley rosary necklace!
#33 Jin6655321 (Homepage) on 2010-03-01 23:20
I like the Ettika Single Leather Strand Faceted Beads Bracelet
#34 Erika on 2010-03-01 23:27
I absolutely love the Hamsa Outline leather bracelet! So cute!
#35 Carrie on 2010-03-01 23:28
I love the Large Paisley Chain Necklace, so cute
#36 Carolyn on 2010-03-01 23:35
love the Flat Nugget Bead Deerskin Leather Bracelet
#37 Cindy on 2010-03-01 23:35
Ettika Charmed Hamsa Hand Deerskin Leather Wrap: fabu!
#38 Ashley Sawyer on 2010-03-02 00:11
i ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ this bracelet!! there were so many cute ones!! it was really hard to choose with the 9 pages!!

B205 - Ettika Charmed Deerskin Lace Leather Bracelet
#39 Janet H. on 2010-03-02 00:39
With so many beautiful things to choose from it's hard to pick just one, but my fave is the red leather wrap bracelet with charms.
#40 Lori on 2010-03-02 00:41
I love the wrap bracelet with 10 charms!
#41 Jen on 2010-03-02 01:17
The Deerskin Leather Bracelet with the skill coin!
#42 Chia on 2010-03-02 01:39
I meant skull, SKULL!! Was too excited :-P
#43 Chia on 2010-03-02 01:41
loving the multi layer peace necklace, the multi layer red bracelet and the lucky wishbone ring ... All items I'd love to add to my jewelry box!
#44 Natasha on 2010-03-02 01:48
If I had to choose just one, I really love the simple Peace sign chain necklace
#45 Ashley on 2010-03-02 04:01
I like the Peace & Love Charm in Rosary Wrap Bracelet! great colors :-)
#46 styleezta (Homepage) on 2010-03-02 04:41
B486 - Ettika Oval Semi Precious Stone Bracelet
#47 Reem Gamal on 2010-03-02 04:49
i love the Ettika Horseshoe and Turquoise Stone with Wishbone. we need all the luck we can get!
#48 jasmine on 2010-03-02 06:38
The Deerskin Leather and Crystal Chain Bracelets are just so colorful they would go with everything I own!!!
#49 Veronica Haas on 2010-03-02 06:48
I love the Medium Paisley Dual Strand Wrap Leather Bracelet. Big, bold, unique - a true statement piece!
#50 Amber (Homepage) on 2010-03-02 07:38
I love the donut bead, chain & leather bracelets
#51 Amy C on 2010-03-02 07:54
i love, love, love the Multi-Faceted Beads Intertwined on Thin Leather Bracelet. simple, classic and stylish just like i aim to be.
#52 Janine on 2010-03-02 08:13
I'm loving the Ettika Phaistos Coin Chain Necklace. A "must" accessory right now but also a piece that will be fashionable for years to come.
#53 Kristen on 2010-03-02 08:19
I love the Ettika Feather Turq Disc & Hamsa Rosary Necklace, in both turquoise and yellow!
#54 Lovelee_79 on 2010-03-02 08:24
Wow, I love this stuff! It's hard to pick just one favorite, but I do love the Medium Paisley Single Strand Leather Bracelet in pink. It's so sweet and funky and would look just adorable with a fun summer dress. It would help brighten my mood through the rest of this dreary Ohio winter! :-)
#55 Emily on 2010-03-02 08:50
Deerskin Leather and Crystal Chain Bracelet
#56 Candice Truett on 2010-03-02 08:52
I adore the Ettika Bead Bracelet with Tree of Life. Thanks so much.

#57 Deirdre on 2010-03-02 09:03
I love the ettika multicolored wrap bracelet w/ charms
#58 Katie on 2010-03-02 09:16
This necklace looks so cute!

N059 - Ettika Wishbone w/ Semi-Precious Stone Necklace
#59 Monica on 2010-03-02 09:25
My favorite is between the Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet or the Wishbone Bracelet. I like how simple and elegant this are!!
#60 kate on 2010-03-02 09:30
What fun great jewelry. My favorite is the Ettika Multi-Charmed Multi-Leather Bracelet. I love how it is one bracelet but gives the illusion of stacked bracelets.
#61 Amanda on 2010-03-02 09:35
I love the " Ettika Peacock Feather Chain Necklace w Flat Hamsa" - I've been looking for some nice hamsa jewelry.
#62 Maria on 2010-03-02 09:46
I don't know if this makes me a bad jew, but I LOVE the Hamsa rosary. It is delicate, simple but--with the meaning of the Hamsa--so much more than just a regular necklace.

I say, pick me! Pick me!
#63 Talia on 2010-03-02 09:55
i really like the 3-strands faceted beads and knots! they have so many lovely things!

#64 rebecca on 2010-03-02 10:00
My favorite is the B178pp - Ettika Bead Bracelet with Pyramid Peace! How beautiful and classic!
#65 Ros on 2010-03-02 10:11
I LOVE the Ettika Waxed Linen Wrap Bracelet in blue. I really love the charms and multi-strands. So cute!
#66 Angie B on 2010-03-02 10:15
Lots of cool jewelry on this site. My favorite are the Ettika Multiple Charmed Leather Bracelets.
#67 Sarah on 2010-03-02 10:16
The Ettika Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet is my favorite! So pretty!
#68 Kate Juergens on 2010-03-02 10:21
I have a small obsession with shells and beachy themes right now. I love the B361 wrap bracelet for this reason.

Thanks for the opportunity!
#69 Emily (Homepage) on 2010-03-02 10:33
Love this....and the fact that it can be customized is a plus!!!
#70 Tamara on 2010-03-02 11:01
I meant I loved this....W136 - Ettika Deerskin Lace in Chain 2x Wrap Bracelet
#71 Tamara on 2010-03-02 11:02
I love the 3 Charms Leather and Chain Bracelet. Perfecting for dreaming of summer!
#72 Kim on 2010-03-02 11:16
There are so many things that I loved on the site, but one stuck out to me the most. The "Starfish Leather Ring" is a must-have for me. I LOVE the nautical look. I have 2 shirts that are nautical from XXI, but I don't have accessories that go with it! Also, it reminds me when my grandma and my family would go to the beach every summer for the 4th of July since I was a kid.
#73 Elizabeth on 2010-03-02 11:20
I love the Wrap Bracelet with Braid Design and Charms. I can't get enough neon lately.
#74 Charli on 2010-03-02 11:46
I love B101 - Ettika 3 Colored Pearl Leather Bracelet. It's elegant and the leather gives an unexpected edge to the pearls!
#75 vickie on 2010-03-02 12:06
I love 148 Ettika Leather Toggle Necklace. Its so simple and can be worn everyday.
#76 Rachel on 2010-03-02 12:11
I have always checked out all the jewelry on but have never purchased anything. They truly have awesome things on their site. My favorite is the Multi Faceted Bead Leather Bracelet in brown/gold. Too cute!!!!
#77 Karla on 2010-03-02 12:17
I love the giveaway bracelet. Red and gold look great together! If I had to choose another item to be my favorite though, I would pick the 3 small paisley chain earrings. They are very unique!
#78 Ayla on 2010-03-02 13:08
I looooooove the Tree of Life Chain Necklace. I think i will have to buy it, in fact... haha. It was very hard to choose though. I really enjoyed all of the designs.
#79 Mel on 2010-03-02 13:10
sooo much to choose from!!! i fell in love with Ettika Charmed Circ Peace & Love Leather Wrap Bracelet. Gorg!
#80 stefanie on 2010-03-02 13:16
the Ettika Tree of Life Rosary Necklace is so gorgeous. love it.
#81 lise on 2010-03-02 13:33
B099 - Ettika 3-Strand South Sea Pearl Leather Bracelet

How cute! This is fun jewelry
#82 christine dietz on 2010-03-02 13:58
I like the Ettika Medium Horseshoe Silk
#83 amanda on 2010-03-02 13:58
Wow that site is awesome!
I love the Three Pyramid Stud Braided Leather Bracelet!!!!

#84 erykah on 2010-03-02 13:59
The Ettika Wishbone Rosary would have to be my favorite. I love that you can choose the colors.
#85 Kiki (Homepage) on 2010-03-02 14:06
Ettika Donut Studs with Single Charm Leather Brace
#86 Katie on 2010-03-02 15:12
I love the Ettika Phaistos Coin Snapp Clutch Handbag. A brown color with the brass coin!
#87 Casey on 2010-03-02 15:17
Love the Flat Disc Semi precious stone bracelet!
#88 Ying Woo-Clark on 2010-03-02 15:24
I like the Ettika Butterfly Snapp Clutch Handbag! Very cute!
#89 L on 2010-03-02 15:33
Big fan of the Ettika Charmed Ancient Disk Deerskin Leather Wrap!
#90 Kim on 2010-03-02 15:41
I love, love love the medium paisley chain necklace. So unique!
#91 Patti on 2010-03-02 15:58
The bracelet shown above is really nice, but from the website I also like the bead and semi precious stone bracelet.
#92 Athena on 2010-03-02 16:27
Medium Paisley Dual Strand Wrap Leather Bracelet. So bright and bold, love it!
#93 Vicki on 2010-03-02 16:27
I love her work! She has so many unique jewelry creations.....
One of my favorites is her "Ettika Braided Wrap Bracelet with 10 Charms."
Thanks very much.....Cindi
#94 Cindi on 2010-03-02 17:43
Too many to choose from...I love everything!!!
#95 Cheryl on 2010-03-02 18:57
Tough decision! I'm torn between the "Feather Rosary Necklace" and the "Chain Necklace with Charmed Solid Satin Cord Drop"...both are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!
#96 Alice on 2010-03-02 20:01
flat nugget bead deerskin leather bracelet looks real classy and chic!
#97 Allison on 2010-03-02 20:56
Okay, now the paisley rosary necklaces on Ettika's site are way cool. Totally different & unique.
#98 KGP on 2010-03-02 21:15
I do like the multifaceted beads leather bracelet featured a lot (which is why I want to win it!!) but I also really like the Ettika Love Ring- so simple yet so chic!! Thanks for a cool contest!!
#99 Cheryl lynn on 2010-03-02 23:45
Everything on the site is so exquisite. I love it all!
But I especially like "Ettika Cross Rosary Wrap Bracelet". Simple and chic. :-)
#100 Kate on 2010-03-03 05:22
i love the ettika horseshoe ring. looks like ones my mom and dad wear =)
#101 Mani on 2010-03-03 05:34
I love the leather wrap bracelets! When I wear bracelets, I like them to have a really chunky feel, I could never wear just one, unless of course it was huge. I really like the starfish wrap bracelet. It reminds me of the trip I took with my family to the Gulf of Mexico when I was little.

#102 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2010-03-03 09:14
Love the wishbone lucky charm bracelet - how cool that everything can be customized!
#103 Yana on 2010-03-03 11:23
the wishbone key chain! :-)
#104 JK on 2010-03-03 19:13
The Feather Rosary Necklace is beautiful!
#105 Aimee on 2010-03-03 20:45
Oh jeez, you've just introduced me to a new addiction. I'm in love with all the leather pieces and just adoring the Ettika Multiple Charm Flat Leather Anklet with the piece sign and turquoise stone.
#106 Andrea on 2010-03-03 23:40
I already have two of their rosary necklaces (Gold Lace Hamsa in teal, and Gold Tree of Life in burgundy)! My fave of the two is the Hamsa. I really love that you can pick the colors of the metal, leather, and stones.
#107 Emily S. on 2010-03-04 00:19
I really like the Ettika 3 Charms Leather and Chain Wrap Bracelet! So cute! Never heard of them until now but now im interested.
#108 Loraine on 2010-03-04 23:45
i love the Ettika Circle of Peace and Love Silk Wrap Bracelet!

purple is my absolute favorite color and the sentiment of the circle of hearts and peace sings is really inspiring.
#109 Vittoria on 2010-03-05 00:39
I like the Ettika Phaistos Coin Wrapped Leather Necklace because it's not too bold, but it's bold enough, if that makes sense.
#110 Jodie on 2010-03-05 07:07
I like the gold with white leather for the Ettika bracelet.
#111 chelsea on 2010-03-05 16:26
Oh, I adore the Ettika Glass Pearls Full on Round Chain Bracelet!
#112 Erica on 2010-03-06 10:22
I like the Ettika Single Charm w 10 Donut Leather Bracelet.
#113 Claudia H. on 2010-03-06 10:51
Love the Large Hamsa Wrap Rosary Bracelet with the white/pearl beads and the gold charm. Gorgeous.
#114 sara on 2010-03-06 13:40
The giveaway Ettika Multi Faceted Beads Leather Bracelet is my favorite!
Ettika has such a unique selection of jewelery and this bracelet could add such a pop of color to an outfit. It would be perfect for spring and certainly beautiful enough to be worn alone or stacked with others.
#115 Kate on 2010-03-06 18:22
Ettika Charmed Hamsa Hand Deerskin Leather Wrap is my favorite on the website. I'm entering for my girlfriend!
#116 Nicholas Saunders on 2010-03-06 19:47
LA11... I already own another Ettika bracelet... I never take it off... I love it dearly and get complements on it all the time... the LA11 may be my next purchase
#117 pam (Homepage) on 2010-03-06 21:13
I love the Ettika Bracelet with Semi Precious stone beads! It's beautiful!
#118 Elizabeth on 2010-03-07 20:15
My fav is R18 - Ettika Tree of Life w/ Charm Leather Ring. I like the mix of leather and metal in the ring.
#119 Thi on 2010-03-08 04:37
I love their Ettika Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet w/ Charms. It's absolutely adorable!
#120 Kat (Homepage) on 2010-03-08 18:13
Love Ettika's wrap bracelets especially the pearl wrap with the Hamsa charm!
#121 Leslie on 2010-03-08 18:41
The tree of life leather ring!
#122 Erin A on 2010-03-08 21:17
I like this clutch:

I really don't know what color I like best, though. I'd take it in any color!
#123 Breanne (Homepage) on 2010-03-09 11:02
The green Ettika Tree of Life Leather Bracelet fits my style best. I love green and gold together!
#124 laura on 2010-03-09 11:19
I liked the W150 - Ettika Multicolor Wrap Bracelet with 10 Charms. The neon colored one with the silver charms. Luv it!
#125 Christy on 2010-03-09 16:03
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