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Video Beauty Review: Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover

If you've ever fantasized about nail polish remover that doesn't make you nauseous with its toxic smell, then your nose (and nails!) will love Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover. Recently the New Jersey-based Karma Organic Spa, which has its own line of organic products, sent me two complimentary bottles of their nail polish remover to test and review. Not only do these nail polish removers smell great, they actually work too! I couldn't believe my nose. Or my eyes.

Karma Organic nail polish remover is available in lavender scented, unscented or tea tree (not shown here, I didn't try that one).

Packaged in lovely, spa-like glass bottles, the lavender scented has a light, botanical floral fragrance while the unscented has an ever-so-slight citrusy scent (but it's basically odorless). I couldn't capture the scent for you over the interwebs, but I was so excited by the performance of this polish remover, I recorded a little video demo to show you how well this stuff works (watch the clip above). Yeah I'm a little eccentric sometimes… Anyways, the video shows me removing 3 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Pat Me On The Black (review to come). Not bad, huh?

Sadly, this polish remover did not work very well on OPI's Mad As a Hatter glitter polish, but then again, neither does conventional nail polish remover. I love that polish, but you practically have to dunk your entire hand in a cup of acetone to get it to come off. Shudder.

Karma Organic Nail Polish remover also leaves nails and cuticles feeling somewhat hydrated, rather than dry. After use, I would still rinse my nails and use a cuticle cream but I got the feeling you don't really have to with this stuff. It just doesn't feel that harsh, but I'm no scientist. You can read the ingredients list here.

Karma Organic Organic Nail Polish Remover is $12 a bottle and you can purchase it from the Karma Organic Spa website or I gotta say I think it's worth the price. Not having to hold my breath while I remove my nail polish is something I'm willing to pay a little extra for. How about you? Have you tried it? Would you? What's your favorite nail polish remover?

My favorite remover is Zoya's Remove+. It's not drying and doesn't smell bad. I'd be willing to try this one after seeing it in action, though. Thanks for the review!
#1 Laura on 2010-03-01 18:54 (Reply)
So glad to finally have an organic choice. I have two young boys and seriously feel terrible each time I remove polish because the bad smell is left lingering in the bathroom long after I finish. My older son complains everytime. I will definitely try this product.
#2 Lori on 2010-03-03 00:20 (Reply)
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