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LOFT Spring 2010 Lookbook

The LOFT Spring 2010 Lookbook has been out a little while now and it's garnering mixed reviews from Facebook fans. As LOFT sheds its former "stuffy" self and the Ann Taylor Loft name, the company is trying to move in a more fashion forward direction and the lookbook is a prime example. I personally love it (very Anthropologie meets J. Crew) but I can see how LOFT's loyal customers might be annoyed. The socks with sandals, shorts with heels, mad layering—it's all a bit tough to pull off and geared to more adventurous dressers. But as far as being a great source of beauty and inspiration, I think they've succeeded. Definitely makes me want to shop there more often! How about you, do you like the direction LOFT is heading? Keep reading to see the complete collection, most pieces are under $100 and you can shop it online now at

I really like their stuff but I always wait for a sale. Once I got a light wool suit jacket for $12. That's why I wait for sales.
#1 Tracie on 2010-03-12 15:24 (Reply)
I absolutely love the new direction LOFT has taken their style!

I've NEVER shopped there before because 1)price, and 2)nothing ever stood out to me.

Now, I'm noticing their ads in magazines and have even browsed online a few times recently. I'll likely only shop their clearance, but at least they have my attention! :-)
#2 Jill (Homepage) on 2010-03-12 15:58 (Reply)
I love the new LOFT look. I agree completely about the J.Crew/Anthroplogie-ness of it. I recently bought several things from their new spring line and love them! Definitely going back.
#3 Jennifer on 2010-03-12 17:49 (Reply)
I love the new LOFT. I bought several Fall pieces and really got my money's worth out of them. Looking forward to sprucing up my Spring wardrobe there.
#4 Marlisa on 2010-03-12 20:48 (Reply)
LOVE IT!!!! esp any look with heels and socks. the boyfriend jean paired with girly tops is so cute!
#5 allison (Homepage) on 2010-03-12 23:20 (Reply)
I really like it. It's definitely a new twist, but you can still kind of see the Loft-ness in it. I'm seeing these boyfriend jeans everywhere now..and I kind of like it! Although it is pricey, the quality is great.
#6 Dina (Homepage) on 2010-03-13 10:12 (Reply)
I love it. I am so impressed and want so many things from this collection. I never thought I'd say that... but they've done such a great job turning things around!!!

Totally agree with you - very Anthro meets J.Crew.
#7 Grace (Homepage) on 2010-03-13 15:08 (Reply)
Ooh the pink petal heels are definite dupes for the Louboutin ones!
#8 Keri on 2010-03-13 23:10 (Reply)
I want that scandals from the middle! Is that also from them? I can't find it on the website. It's just perfect.
#9 anna on 2010-03-14 00:45 (Reply)
Ick. LOFT definitely lost me as a very loyal customer (seriously, my entire closet used to be from there) when they changed their image and name. They used to sell high-quality suits, blouses, pants, dresses, etc. for prices much lower than Ann Taylor (so yes, it was basically a cheaper version of AT), and all of my work clothes and nice dresses were from there. Now they just sell cotton t-shirts for $40. I hate that I can't really afford Ann Taylor proper (suit jackets there cost over $200) and LOFT is no longer offering more affordable versions. Where to turn???
#10 Sonia on 2010-03-14 11:03 (Reply)
Okay, they went younger. Too J Crewish. I thought they were a great alternative for the thirty and forty something crowd, I see they have abandoned us this season. LOL
#11 budget chic on 2010-03-15 09:29 (Reply)
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