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Beauty Review: Sonia Kashuk for Target Nail Polish

Beauty Review: Sonia Kushak for Target Nail Polish

I have been dying to try Sonia Kashuk's new line of nail polishes, now available at Target in ten shades for $3.99 each. So when I got word that a representative for the Sonia Kashuk brand was sending me free samples, I was beyond excited! Unfortunately (for me), I accidentally had them ship the polish to my sister in Chicago. Needless to say, she was equally thrilled to test them out and did not hesitate to sacrifice her time and energy to review said polishes for all of us. Thanks, sis!

Here's what she thought:

Beauty Review: Sonia Kushak for Target Nail Polish

"Summer time is the best opportunity for trying out new fun colors on your tips and toes! Next time you're picking up your essentials at Target, head over to the makeup section and snag a couple of Sonia Kashuk for Target nail polishes.

Her polishes come in great summer-appropriate colors. My personal favorites are Ocean Breeze, a fun tropical blue, and Tutti Frutti, a vibrant pink/orange (shown).

On top of the colors being super fun, the polish is also great quality. I wore Ocean Breeze for a week and my manicure still looked amazing, I just switched it so I could try another of the amazing colors! Works great both with and without the base and top coats. I will definitely be frequenting these polishes and keeping an eye out for new colors!" —CB

Shop it online:
Sonia Kashuk Nail Polish

Have you tried Sonia Kashuk for Target nail polish? Which colors do you love?

I am wearing Ocean Breeze on my toes right now and I agree it's quality polish. Love it!
#1 Jen on 2010-07-07 13:44 (Reply)
ooohh ... i can't wait to try them out.
#2 cynthia on 2010-07-07 15:40 (Reply)
I collect nail polishes so I'm quite curious about these. Hoping there would be more nail polish swatches featured here. :-)
#3 Belle (Homepage) on 2010-07-07 17:19 (Reply)
you have a pr person? how cool!!! love love love the polishes!!!
#4 Jen on 2010-07-07 22:24 (Reply)
No, ma'am, I do not have a PR person! I meant someone who represents Sonia Kashuk for Target contacted me (and other bloggers) to see if we wanted to sample and review the polish. Sorry for the confusion!!
#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-07-08 16:47 (Reply)
P.S. I updated the post to clarify.
#4.1.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-07-08 17:07 (Reply)
The color in the picture is so fun and perfect for sunshiny weather!
#5 K (Homepage) on 2010-07-07 23:50 (Reply)
How many coats, and how stinky? :-)
#6 Sandra on 2010-07-08 13:06 (Reply)
I used two coats without a base or top and it worked excellently! I actually thought it looked better and lasted longer sans top and bottom coat- and as for stinky factor, it does have a smell, its not overwhelming, but my mom came over about an hour after I painted my nails and was like "whew! did you spill a bottle of polish?!"... so I guess its pretty strong...
#6.1 The Budget Beauty Babe on 2010-07-12 16:41 (Reply)
Are these currently in stores? I'm usually in a lot of Targets every month (due to my job) and I haven't run across these yet. Didn't see them on the website either :/
#7 Lindsey on 2010-07-08 19:36 (Reply)
Yup, they're in stores and online:

Merchandise often varies from store to store so maybe ask your store manager when they'll be getting these if they haven't already :-)
#7.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-07-10 11:27 (Reply)
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