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Off the Rack: Sally Hansen Limited-Edition Nail Polish Shades for Fall

During my recent roadtrip to Nova Scotia, I stopped at a drugstore for some supplies and couldn't help but notice that Sally Hansen has released some amazing limited-edition nail polish shades for fall. I haven't tested any yet but I'm already a fan of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, the quality is remarkable. The tough part will be picking just one, I'm loving the whole fall lineup from sultry rich purples to those superchic neutrals. At this particular drugstore, the Complete Salon Manicure was priced at $7.59 per bottle; the Diamond Strength was $4.98.

What nail polish color are you craving for fall? Better yet, what color are you wearing right now?

I can't stop craving Candy Apple Red! Thanks for the tip; I'll definitely be trying Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line.
#1 Katie (Homepage) on 2010-10-14 13:22 (Reply)
In the past I've purchased Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure at Target and Walmart, you'll love the brush and ease of application!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-10-14 15:14 (Reply)
I'm really liking the colors on the last photo you posted! I'm actually wearing OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" right now (my favorite color).
#2 Jen (Homepage) on 2010-10-14 14:14 (Reply)
Winter puts me in the mood for darker, rich tones so right now I'm sporting a dark plum on my toes, but my fingers are an alternating pattern of bright and light pinks!
#3 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2010-10-14 14:57 (Reply)
I am a huge fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes. I've been using it for quite some time now, wouldn't trade it for any other nail polish.
#4 Avery (Homepage) on 2010-10-15 04:03 (Reply)
I just got Haute Chocolate last night. Haven't tried it out yet but it looks really pretty.
#5 Tracie on 2010-10-15 11:32 (Reply)
I love the brushes in the polishes. I like wearing the Commander in Chic, but I'm eyeing some of the dark colors like Black Platinum or Midnight in NY. Navy Baby is really pretty too, but are navy nails still in?
#6 sarah. (Homepage) on 2010-10-16 20:27 (Reply)
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