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Holiday Makeup: 5 Smokey Eye Looks

An almost foolproof way to get glamorous for your next holiday party is with a sexy smokey eye look. (The key is to blend, blend, blend and play down your lips with soft, natural hues.) Here are 5 different ways celebrities are wearing a smokey eye to inspire you.

1. Emma Stone's smokey eye makes her hazel eyes pop.

2. Mila Kunis' eyes smolder with warm shades of brown and gold metallic.

3. Thandie Newton's lightly smudged cat-eye gives her a look of sophistication and mystery.

4. Olivia Wilde picks up the color of her sapphire blue earrings with a less traditional silver-blue smokey eye.

5. Jessica Simpson's smokey eye and piece-y faux eyelashes are glamorous without being over the top.

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#1 Katwalk Divaz (Homepage) on 2010-12-12 14:14 (Reply)
I love Mila's look!
#2 nora on 2010-12-12 16:46 (Reply)
I'm hyper fastidious when it comes to makeup and I definitely subscribe to the less is more philosophy. I think Mila's looks the best, it has colors that really compliment her overall skin tone and her irises. Thandie looks nice too but I think her immaculate facial architecture could handle anything.

Jessica's is way too harsh for her soft features. She's an adorable girl and her pretty brown eyes need to sparkle!

Olivia has an eye color/shape close to my own and she's suffering from the same thing that happens to me when I use blues/greys and go above the crease: you see her eye makeup more than her eyes. It starts to cross the line from seductive to soap opera matron. Her face is really beautiful and has interesting lines so if I was her makeup artist I'd want to accentuate that more than the makeup itself.

On another note, I'm glad they're all wearing lighter lip colors to go with the eyes :-D

Sorry that was pedantic but makeup always sends me on a little lecture.
#3 sobriquet on 2010-12-13 13:15 (Reply)
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