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Review: JASON Plumeria & Sea Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner

A couple months ago I received a free bottle of JASON Plumeria & Sea Kelp Moisturizing Shampoo and a bottle of JASON Plumeria & Sea Kelp Moisturizing Conditioner (retail $8.00 each). Now that I've used up every last drop of both products, I'm ready to share my review! Keep reading to find out what I thought...

What they claim: Between the environment and chemical services such as color and straightening, hair can become dry, brittle and in need of hydration. Treat your hair to an intense dose of moisture with the Plumeria & Sea Kelp Hair Moisturizing System and instantly re-hydrate dry, damaged locks. Plumeria and Sea Kelp fortify the hair delivering superior shine and manageability, while reducing frizz and treating split ends. Hair is left brilliantly nourished, healthy and hydrated.

Plumeria & Sea Kelp Moisturizing Shampoo: For the ultimate in moisturizing cleansers, Moisturizing Shampoo works to immediately reverse the look and feel of dry, damaged hair leaving it silky smooth. Sea Kelp and Algae boost shine and leave hair soft and manageable. This Paraben-free formula restores luster and never weighs hair down.

Plumeria & Sea Kep Moisturizing Conditioner: This Natural Marine Botanical based conditioner delivers superior moisturizing properties to dull, brittle hair. Sea Kelp and Algae fortify hair from root to top restoring brilliancy and reducing fly-aways. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative while Vitamin B5 promotes hydration without weighing hair down.

What I thought: This might be the most moisturizing shampoo I have ever used. I thought it was a fluke at first, but after continued use and continued great results, I'm convinced this shampoo/conditioner combo does a great job at making hair feel less dry. I don't know how it works, but I like the results. I only wish the bottles were bigger and perhaps a bit easier to squeeze. At $8 a bottle, it's a good value but I went through both bottles pretty quickly. I'd suggest alternating with something cheaper, maybe Suave or Pantene, to make these last longer.

As for the packaging, it looks smart and "green," much like the other natural bath and beauty products you see at stores like Whole Foods. I like the look. And the fragrance is unusual, I can't put my finger on it, but it's pleasant, light and doesn't linger. I like that the formulas are paraben free and contain no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates (although they still contain plenty of other ingredients with names I can't pronounce, but that alone doesn't mean they're "bad" for me.) Finally, I like the off-beat ingredients - sea kelp and plumeria just sound different and that's part of the fun of trying new beauty products. This is one freebie I'll be buying again very soon. My hair loves it!

Where to buy: JASON Plumeria & Sea Kep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are $8.00 each at natural/health food stores or in the natural bath/body aisle of select supermarkets in the US and Canada)
Thanks for the review BB. I've been looking for an ultra moisturizing shampoo and cond for a while now. The best I've found so far is one by Sebastians and one called "Serious Conditioner". I might give this one a go though as it's alot more affordable and sounds great!
#1 PoshAndBroke (Homepage) on 2011-02-20 17:38 (Reply)
Thanks for the review BB! As soon as my bottles are up I promised I'd try a natural alternative so I think I'll for these! My hair definitely needs moisture!
#2 Liz (Homepage) on 2011-02-20 19:31 (Reply)
I was using Jason silk shine shampoo for a while, because it made my hair super shiny and amazing, and because it was good for the environment. I would still be using it, except Jason doesn't have any volumizing hair products, and my hair really needs it. Still, I love Jason products and highly recommend them.
#3 Gabby (Homepage) on 2011-02-20 20:20 (Reply) carries JASON and many other "green" health and beauty items. These 2 Plumeria items (you mentioned an $8.00 retail) were about $5.60 each. Of course there is shipping, but it is a flat rate; so bundle purchases. They currently have a free shipping with minimum order, through 2/28.
#4 Debbie on 2011-02-21 06:15 (Reply)
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