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Mossimo for Target Spring 2011 Lookbook

For Spring 2011, the Mossimo for Target women's collection highlights olive and khaki tones, relaxed silhouettes and understated florals. There are plenty of modern basics including lightweight cardigans, distressed jeans, drapey tees, and a double-breasted trench coat, plus short shorts and skinny cargos in a variety of colors. Highlights for me include the utility shirtdresses in both green and tan, the spring blazer and the shoes. Lowlights include the floral-print short shorts. I'm a big Mossimo fan so my expectations were high for this lookbook, and while I'm not thrilled with the styling (where's the wow factor?), I know I'll be shopping many of these individual pieces and getting a lot of wear out of them.

Mossimo for Target's spring line is available exclusively at Target and - click through to see all the looks along with prices and availability. What do you think?

Utility Shirtdress in Green $24.99
Shirtdress Available 2/13-3/20

Floral-Print Dress in Purple/Gray $19.99
Open Cardigan in Cream $19.99
Peep-Toe Clogs in Cognac $24.99
Dress Available 3/15-4/15
Cardigan Available 2/1-4/2
Clogs Available 1/23-6/1

Pleated-Top Sateen Dress in Beige $27.99
Cropped Cardigan in Orange $15.99
Patent Pumps in Camel $29.99
Dress Available 2/27-7/17
Cardigan Available 5/1-6/25
Pumps Available 1/23-6/1

Utility Shirtdress in Teal $24.99
Spring Blazer in Khaki $29.99
Shirtdress Available 2/13-3/20
Blazer Available 3/13-7/17

Phantom Dress in Brown Stripes $24.99
Metal-Embellished Thong Flat Sandals in Cognac $19.99
Dress Available 5/15-7/17
Sandals Available 1/23-4/1

Halter Bikini Top in Purple $17.99
Cropped Tee in Gray $14.99
Mock-Tie Bikini Bottom in Purple $17.99
Metallic Flat Sandals in Pewter $22.99
Bikini Top Available Currently-7/30
Tee Available 2/1-3/15
Bikini Bottom Available Currently- 7/30
Sandals Available 1/23-7/1

Drapey Pocket Tank in Green $14.99
Open Cardigan in Cream $19.99
Skinny Cargo Jeans in Khaki $29.99
Peep-Toe Clogs in Cognac $24.99
Tank Available 3/13-7/17
Cardigan Available 2/1-4/2
Jeans Available 2/27- 6/26
Clogs Available 1/23-6/1

Drapey Pocket Tank in Gray $14.99
Short-Sleeved Crochet Top in Gray $19.99
Short Shorts in Purple Floral $17.99
Metallic Flat Sandals in Pewter $22.99
Tank Available 1/30-TBD
Top Available 4/3-5/21
Shorts Available 2/27-4/15
Sandals Available 1/23-7/1

V-Neck Pocket Tee in White $8.00 Boyfriend Cardigan in Navy/White Stripes $17.99
Boyfriend Cropped Jeans in Maplewood Wash $24.99
Tee Available Currently-TBD
Cardigan Available 4/3-5/28
Jeans Available 3/1-4/24

Scoop Tee in Gray $12.99
French Terry Jacket in Gray $39.99
Skinny Jeans in White Wash $24.99
Tee Available 1/30-4/3
Jacket Available Currently-3/6
Jeans Available 2/27-TBD

Thin-Striped Button-Down Shirt in Teal/White $17.99
Trench Coat in Black $49.99
Cropped Jeans in Bobbi Wash $17.99
Strappy Wedges in Black $29.99
Shirt Available 2/15-4/30
Coat Available 2/15-4/17
Jeans Available 2/17-7/24
Wedges Available 1/23-7/1

Tee in White $8.00
Thin-Striped Button-Down Shirt in GrayWhite $17.99
Short Shorts in Yellow $17.99
Canvas Hooded Flat Sandals in Olive $17.99
Tee Available 2/20-TBD
Shirt Available 2/15-4/30
Sandals Available 1/23 -5/1

V-Neck Pocket Tee in Gray $8.00 Belted Fatigue Jacket in Blue $39.99
Denim Railroad Cargo Pocket Shorts in Blue Stripes $17.99
Metal Embellished Thong Flat Sandals in Cognac $19.99
Tee Available Currently-TBD
Jacket Available Currently-3/6
Shorts Available 2/27-4/24
Sandals Available 1/23-4/1

Halter Bikini Top in Green Stripes $17.99
Cocoon Cardigan in Green $19.99
Denim Short Shorts in Dark Wash $17.99
Peep-Toe Clogs in Cognac $24.99
Bikini Top Available Currently-4/17
Cardigan Available 2/1-4/1
Shorts Available 2/13-7/17
Clogs Available 1/23-6/1

Photos courtesy of Target
I LOVE that snakeprint bag.. very reminiscent of Michael Kors' totes.. I'm so tempted to snatch a few of those and buy a MK keychain or something to snap on to the handle :-D lol. Cheapskate or thinking smart?!

I have a lot of these colors so I don't think I'll be picking anything up.. I did see the trench coat at my store a week back though, just might pick it up!

Does anyone have that particular style? I'm wondering if it is just as sturdy as Gap's trenches..
#1 CG on 2011-02-21 14:07 (Reply)
I'm loving the utility shirtdress! I will definitely be rocking the safari/military look this spring.
#2 Nikki F. on 2011-02-21 17:16 (Reply)
Ooooh, I see plenty that I want, lol.
#3 Adjua (Homepage) on 2011-02-21 18:05 (Reply)
I want that grey french terry jacket! So cute!
#4 K (Homepage) on 2011-02-21 20:44 (Reply)
The python print bag is awesome. I snapped it up and it's a ringer for the MK tote.
I hadn't thought of CG's key chain idea though ;-)
#5 Ruth on 2011-02-22 09:45 (Reply)
Wowed by the Phantom dress with brown stripes - but does the dress come with the cardigan and the belt?
#6 danielle on 2011-02-22 12:36 (Reply)
I'm pretty sure those are sold separately.
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2011-02-22 13:01 (Reply)
I love the Top Sateen Dress!!!

When will this collection be available at target??
#7 Maddie on 2011-03-01 21:17 (Reply)
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