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Beauty Review: Wet n Wild Fast Dry Spring 2011 Nail Polish

Shortly after I posted product images of the Wet n Wild Fast Dry Spring 2011 collection, Wet n Wild sent me three complimentary bottles of the polish to put to the test. I didn't get to pick the colors, so I'll say upfront that these are not colors I will be wearing everyday, but they are definitely fun additions to my collection.

See swatches and more deets after the jump!
First, Fast Dry polishes do not dry in 60 seconds as claimed by the brand. I used a stopwatch and timed it and the first coat was dry enough to apply a second coat after about 1 minute 20 seconds (though still slightly tacky), and it took an average of 2 minutes and 20 seconds to allow for the polish to dry to the point that you could not dent it. I'd still wait 3 to 5 minutes to ensure this polish is really set and bone dry.

But enough nit-picking, even if Fast Dry doesn't dry superfast, it's still an amazing polish. The colors look unnervingly opaque after one coat, but don't give up: The magic begins with the second and third coat. The ManiCurve Brush is designed with a flat rod for even liquid dispersion and a rounder bristle tip to hug nail curves for flawless application and streak-free shine. Each color is truly vibrant and long-lasting (3 days without chipping). At at just $1.99 per bottle, these polishes are a fantastic value.

SaGreena the Teenage Witch is a stunning emerald green micro-shimmer (I think) polish. This polish would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day. It's mesmerizing and achieves bottle color after 3 coats. Wow.

The Wonder Yellows is a wonderfully brilliant yellow-gold micro-shimmer. This color is bold but with the right outfit and attitude, I think you could wear it with a lot of things, for day or night. The definition of vivid!

How I Met Your Magenta is the quintessential bubble gum pink polish. In the bottle it appears to have a subtle shimmer but I didn't see any shine once the polish was on my nails. It's almost matte. Three coats and you're good. Because of its opaque nature, this polish is great for layering with other colors.

Just for fun, I layered one coat of How I Met Your Magenta over two coats of The Wonder Yellows and the result is pretty magical - a flaming orange hue that's too hot to handle. Not sure when I'd wear this color but at least I know how to get it.

Have you tried any of Wet n Wild's Fast Dry Spring 2011 polishes? Which colors do you love?

I can't wait to try these! The colors look fun! I hace a pretty big collection of their other nail polishes and love them as well
#1 Liz on 2011-02-22 20:34 (Reply)
I bought one of these last week in Gray's Anatomy. It was extremely translucent with the first coat - however it did dry in less than a minute. I was able to pile on three coats in rapid succession. It's a semi-opaque finish even after three coats but because the polish is an amazing duochrome (almost triple really - I've seen grey, green, and purple so far) I have kept it on. I have one minuscule chip on my thumb after almost five days of wear. That's really impressive for me - nail polish chips after a day no matter the brand when I wear it. The formula is greatly improved over my past WnW acquisitions - truly a feat considering it is a fast dry polish.

Anyway, I highly recommend the color. Although my description sounds ostentatious it's actually really demure. I'm typically a fan of bright colors but this is now in my top five favorite colors (and I am a polish fanatic). It's also a dupe for a more expensive polish (it's 16 dollars!!!), so there's always the price bonus!
#2 sobriquet on 2011-02-22 21:24 (Reply)
Woo, I actually really like the "Wonder Yellows"! Looks delish!
#3 PoshAndBroke (Homepage) on 2011-02-22 21:37 (Reply)
I love the green and the pink polish. I do not know that the yellow would be a color that I would buy but it looked great layered with the pink. It has a unique orange and I love how parts look pink, others orange, and little pops of yellow come through.

You can not beat the $1.99 price and I think I will go out and get some of these polishes for my own.
#4 I love nail polish (Homepage) on 2011-02-23 11:15 (Reply)
I just bought a couple of these over the weekend at my local Walgreens. I LOVE them. I got Sagreena the Teenage Witch which is just as beautiful in person as it is in the pictures. I also got I Love Redmond which is a very vivid red color, and again, i love it. Perfect for my toes, and even my fingernails if I'm feeling bold :-)
#5 Yesenia on 2011-02-25 16:39 (Reply)
I just got some today. I bought the SaGreena the Teenage Witch for the fun of it. I also got Saved By The Blue which is a beautiful sapphire blue and Silvivor, a silver micro-shine. I had to get a purple (my favorite color) and they have an absolutely beautiful shade of deep purple called Buffy the Violet Slayer--ironically, Buffy was always my favorite show!
#6 Tracie on 2011-04-17 02:05 (Reply)

I cannot stress the awesomeness of this polish enough! I've been testing polish like crazy in the last few months (removed acrylics after 12 years straight!) and bought this in desperation while out one day. I was working at a pumpkin patch, doing lots of hands on work, and STILL had little to no chippage. Currently, I'm on the end of my 4th day wearing "Saved by the Blue" and have ZERO chippage!

Unbelievable! I'm going to buy them all!
#7 Bethany on 2011-11-09 20:36 (Reply)
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