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Ask BB: Selena Gomez's Irina Shabayeva Dress for Less

My sister's prom is this year and we have been searching for a dress similar to the one Selena Gomez wore to the 2011 People's Choice Awards (shown below). The dress was designed by Irina Shabayeva, Project Runway's Season 6 winner. I can't seem to find anything close enough to it and I was hoping you would be able to help with the search. —Tina E

Selena looks so cute in that dress, I've been trying to find a similar hi-low gown for weeks! So far, this is the closest I've seen. But it's not cheap - it's $338 at

La Femme at ShopStyle

Here's another option that might work for you. Although it's a solid color rather than a print, I think it's a gorgeous shade of blue and it will create the silhouette you're going for. It's $248 at Bloomingdale's:


If anyone knows where Tina can find the dress she's looking for, please let us know in the comments!
I found a few more but they are definitely on the pricier side:

From Allure Prom:

The next three are from Jovani Prom:

And this one is my personal favorite from La Femme:

I'll keep searching for something a little less pricey. In the mean time, good luck!
#1 Samantha (Homepage) on 2011-03-03 19:35 (Reply)
I couldn't locate one with a pattern either, but I love this one because of the sparkles on the top and short area...Plus it's 50% off so that always helps :-)
#2 Mandi on 2011-03-03 22:01 (Reply)
Found some more but they are much more expensive...

This one is amazing but your sister would have to love the bold yellow:
#3 Mandi on 2011-03-03 22:30 (Reply)

This is a similar colour, has a similar print, not very close to similar style..but really cheap!!
#4 yusrah on 2011-03-04 12:06 (Reply)
Prom dresses aren't cheap x.x picks:
This one was the closet I could find in print/design. It's brighter and not as chiffon-y though. BB's first pick looks to be the closet so far really.

I saw some cheaper options on eBay but most of them are in China so it isn't always assured you'll receive it in time.
#5 sobriquet on 2011-03-04 13:44 (Reply)
Yes! I have been waiting to see you try to tackle this dress! The options are good, but I want the real thing!!
#6 Nikki on 2011-03-08 02:09 (Reply)
David's bridal has a strapless hi-lo bridesmaid dress with beading at the waist. Style #F14197. It only comes in select colors but it fits great, and is under $200.
#7 Mallory on 2011-03-16 09:40 (Reply)

Here is an idea!
#8 Nikki on 2011-04-01 13:45 (Reply)
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