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Win Cool Stuff: Carolee 3-Piece Jewelry Set

UPDATE: And the winners are… #2 Yvonne #6 erin, #25 Angelica and #29 rebecca ! Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone who participated.

Please note: This giveaway has ended and is now closed to further entries.

With prom and wedding seasons coming up, Carolee wants you to consider them for beautiful, affordable costume jewelry that will complete any special occasion look.

Carolee is generously offering 3 lucky Budget Babe readers the chance to win one set each of a Carolee necklace, earrings and bracelet (shown above), valued at $172. Stunning and so chic!

Your prize will include:

  • Make My Day or Night Double Teardrop Pierced Earrings (retail price $32)

  • Make My Day or Night Crystal Bracelet (retail price $65)

  • Make My Day or Night Multi Crystal Choker Necklace (retail price $75)

For your chance to win, visit then tell us what's your favorite piece in the comments section below.

For another chance to win, follow @budgetbabe on Twitter and tweet this blog post using the tweet button at the bottom of this post.

Please consider becoming a fan of Carolee on Facebook, too, for the latest news and updates.

This is not a sponsored post, Carolee is providing the prize. Open to US residents only. Comments must be posted by 12 noon EST March 29, 2011 to be eligible to win.

Good luck!
Great giveaway! I like the Runway Military Pendant Necklace
#1 Ming on 2011-03-22 11:51
I favorite has to the necklace and the bracelet, i lobve them becaus they are very bold and would great peieces that would surely make a statement, whether is for a casual look or formal look.
#2 Yvonne on 2011-03-22 11:55
My favourite piece would have to be the Sterling Sentiments Enamel Ring in either Black or Purple... can't choose between the two!
#3 Amy on 2011-03-22 12:04
This is a great giveaway! I love the Private Island Turquoise Torsade Necklace!
#4 Florence on 2011-03-22 12:11
My favorite is Bold Cool Stones Charm Bracelet!!
#5 Jenny on 2011-03-22 12:14
I love this giveaway! The website has some aboslutely beautiful jewelry! I'm getting married in August and am looking for some great pieces. I especially love the Large CZ Flower Stud Earrings in the Bridal section. I will definitely be checking out!
#6 Erin on 2011-03-22 12:29
I really like the Polished Pearls Ring
#7 Kerensa on 2011-03-22 12:30
My favorite is the Cashmere Casual Multi Row Bib Necklace!
#8 Valerie on 2011-03-22 12:37
I love all of the fun cocktail rings! And everything in the giveaway too!
#9 Kelly Anne on 2011-03-22 13:21
Ohhh fingers crossed!

My favorite piece would have to be the Bold Cool Stones Link Bracelet.... it's gorgeous!

Just tweeted about the giveaway (@artfashion20) and I don't have Facebook!
#10 twenty something (Homepage) on 2011-03-22 13:44
Nice giveaway! With 3 weddings coming up in the next couple months, I can easily see myself wearing the Bold Cool Stones Bracelet and Chandelier Earrings.

I even almost considered starting a twitter just for the extra!
#11 Yesenia on 2011-03-22 13:57
Love the Sterling Sunrise Pendant Necklace.
#12 Rachelle on 2011-03-22 14:07
I love the Bold Cool Stones Chandelier Pierced Earrings!
#13 Marci on 2011-03-22 14:33
I love the Romantic Blooms Locket Necklace. So elegant. :-)
#14 Vivian on 2011-03-22 15:58
I'm in love with the Madison Blue Crystal Chandelier Pierced Earrings!
#15 Christina on 2011-03-22 16:15
Oh my, everything is beautiful! But I was able to narrow it down to three things. Ha ha I love the Private Island Turquoise Torsade Necklace, the Romantic Blooms Flowers Double Drop Pierced Earrings and the Cashmere Casual Cluster Stretch Bracelet. Great giveaway!
#16 Patti on 2011-03-22 18:00
oh woww the Private Island Turquoise Ornate Chandelier Pierced Earrings are so gorgeous! I'm in love
#17 julia on 2011-03-22 18:18
I love the Romantic Blooms Flowers Torsade Necklace. It seems to be a perfect mix of classy and fun, so that it would work for so many different outfits!
#18 Nicole Hawkins on 2011-03-22 18:50
Lots of beautiful jewelry to choose from! I'll go with the Sculpture Garden Golden Teardrop Pierced Earrings!
#19 Sonya on 2011-03-22 19:26
I love some of the big statement stuff, but I think this would look best on me and with most of my clothes -

Also, I re-tweeted this, and I follow you, but my tweets are protected. Scout's honor!
#20 Sandra on 2011-03-22 19:52
I love the The Cecilia Tonal Pink Crystal and Pearl Charm Bracelet.
#21 Crea Moon on 2011-03-22 20:04
I just love Carolee! My favorite piece is the Private Island Turquoise Two Row Pendant Necklace! That necklace is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for a lovely giveaway!
#22 kfloveinme on 2011-03-22 21:09
I tweeted @mskenyaf

#23 kfloveinme on 2011-03-22 21:14
I'm a fan of Carolee on facebook..Kenya G.

#24 kfloveinme on 2011-03-22 21:16
My favorite is the Wrapped Up in Bows ring!!
#25 Angelica on 2011-03-23 01:04
My favorite is the Private Island Turquoise charm bracelet. I love the color combination and the various dangles.
#26 Andie on 2011-03-23 03:07
I am absolutely wholly in love with all the ROPE NECKLACES and the Cocktail Chic Pearl and Crystal Y Necklace quietly makes me die inside!! You're followed on twitter and liked on facebook :-) by me
#27 Yusrah (Homepage) on 2011-03-23 04:03
love love love the amanda white pearl and crystal fireball illusion necklace!!! my favorite
#28 Lola on 2011-03-23 07:34
Wrapped Up in Bows Dramatic Drop Necklace!
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com
#29 rebecca on 2011-03-23 09:49
The ice blue linear drop earrings are very nice - simple, but pretty.
#30 Deb on 2011-03-23 11:03
Loving the Bold Cool Stones Drop Pierced Earrings!
#31 Ariana on 2011-03-23 12:35
The Sculpture Garden Three Row Cluster Necklace is gorgeous
#32 Victoria on 2011-03-23 12:37
I am loving the Private Island Turquoise Torsade Necklace!!!! That beautiful turquoise is so stunning. You can totally dress up anything with this piece. I am even thinking about wearing it with a bridesmaid dress as we are in charge of our own "statement" jewerly!!!
#33 Jan on 2011-03-23 14:00
I think the Cashmere Casual Drop Pendant Necklace is lovely. Thank you so much.
#34 Amy on 2011-03-23 16:22
I am following you on Twitter @neverdene, and I tweeted (
#35 Amy on 2011-03-23 16:25
i think the private island turqoise y necklace is the most gorgeous necklace!
I actually wore a necklace set from Carolee for my best friend's wedding! I was the maid of honor! I LOVE LOVE Carolee!
#36 jasmine lew (Homepage) on 2011-03-23 20:06
Love the Private Island Turquoise Torsade Necklace!
#37 Lori on 2011-03-23 23:33
Can I just go ahead and marry the Ice Blue Choker necklace now please?!

I just love it. So verastile. Carolee's designs are so classic and stunning!
#38 Jenn Wiley on 2011-03-24 12:22
very fun!
#39 boon1211 on 2011-03-24 15:45
I love that website. Very beautiful jewlery. But I would love to own the Crystal Heart Charm Ring Size 6
Carolee. Thanks for the entry.
#40 Ysenia Ramirez on 2011-03-25 02:55
I like the cashmere bib necklace.
#41 phoebe on 2011-03-25 11:52
The Ice Blue Linear Drop Pierced Earrings are to die for!

Thanks for the entry.
#42 amy (Homepage) on 2011-03-29 09:02
I follow you on twitter. @amyshopstheweb
#43 amy (Homepage) on 2011-03-29 09:03
Romantic Blooms Flowers Linear Drop Pierced Earrings
#44 reem on 2011-03-29 09:13
I LOVE the ICE BLUE CHOKER NECKLACE!! Very Very Beautiful! Thank You.
#45 Lynn Ramsey on 2011-03-29 09:14
The Drew Deco Crystal Triple Drop Pierced Earrings are awesome. Actually, everything on the site looks beautiful - plus the giveway set!!!
#46 Andrea on 2011-03-29 09:18
The Sandy Shores Two Row Drop Is beautiful! MAny pieces to choose from. A little bit of GIRL heaven
#47 karrie shust on 2011-03-29 09:27
My fave is the Romantic Blooms flower Necklace - lovely!

#48 arshi on 2011-03-29 09:52
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