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Imitation UGGs: Love It or Lump It?

The onslaught of UGGs in the fashion world is showing no signs of letting up this winter season - with Christmas just days away, many UGG styles are sold out or on backorder. Some retailers have even imposed a 4 or 5 pair household limit for the sheepskin footwear due to the incredibly high demand.

As the proud owners of a pair of UGG Uptown boots, we understand the UGG appeal (fortunately, we received ours as a gift): They are incredibly warm, comfortable and comforting in cold climates. Slip them on, and you feel ready to take on any weather in style. What can we say, we don't think UGGS are ugly - they're cute, like so many odd-looking yet adorable creatures endemic to Australia - the platypus or wombat, for example.

However, if you took away the UGG's warmth and cozy lining, well, we don't think they could fall back on looks alone. Which is why we have to say "lump it" (as the Aussies say) to the imitations. If you want to try the look before investing in the real thing, by all means go for it. But if you're looking for a high-quality warm boot - and you like the look of UGGs - go for the real thing, as you won't be disappointed.

LEFT: Xhilaration Electra Suede Boots at Target, $19.99
RIGHT: UGG Australia Classic Short Boot at Nordstrom, $119.95

ehhh im still not sure about these. i bought a "lumped" version of the short ugg from nordstroms rack for about $25 and the only time i use them is around the house. mainly because those ankleboots make my legs look like stumps. besides that, they are insanely comfortable
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