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Fergie Dishes on Her New Fragrance for Avon, Outspoken Intense

Last month I had the chance to participate in a webinar Q&A with Fergie about her new fragrance, Outspoken Intense, a provocative follow-up to the original Outspoken, Avon's most successful fragrance launch to date. The Black Eyed Peas superstar talked about her inspiration for the scent and shared some of her own beauty and style secrets. I don’t usually get starstruck but I had a little moment when Fergie said she "really liked" the name of my blog (blushing) - but I digress. Keep reading for the scoop!

The webinar involved a handful of Blogger Ambassadors (such as myself) and members of the press, and the first thing all of us wanted to know was how Fergie got the inspiration for creating Outspoken Intense. Fergie says she drew on personal experiences of performing and scent memories, like the kumquats that her dad grew in their backyard (her family lived in a suburb of Los Angeles) and the starfruit from trips to South East Asia (reminds her of touring). "It's really important for me in anything I do that it has personal touches," Fergie explained.

Outspoken is all about that "feeling you get before going on stage," Fergie said, so Outpoken Intense takes it to the next level. "Intense is just about feeling that inner fire," she says. To achieve her vision, Fergie was involved in every step of the process, from picking the ingredients to designing the bottle, which was inspired by an elegant carafe used at her wedding. It's also somewhat practical, Fergie says, noting how the "sturdy" shape won't tip on your dresser.

More Q&A with Fergie

What are some of your most powerful scent memories? Fergie says her grandmother was an Avon representative who grew beautiful white gardenias, two strong connections from her childhood. Fergie also loves the smell of food, from her mom's lasagna to fresh cut fruit. An unusual smell she loves is that of gasoline. "We didn't use that in the fragrance though!" she says reassuringly.

How is the process of creating a new fragrance similar or different to creating a song? Fergie says that while the mechanics of writing a song versus creating a fragrance are very different, the motivation behind both is actually very similar. "[It’s about] getting excited about being yourself and intensifying that feeling."

What inspired you to name your fragrance Outspoken? We're each unique in our own way, Fergie says, and Outspoken is about embracing your inner confidence and owning the moment. "I want to inspired women to take risks," she says. "No dream is big enough."

How do you spray fragrance? Fergie says she applies her fragrance to her wrists, nape of the neck, hair and décolletage. She's also an everyday fragrance wearer – don't save it just for special occasions!

Since Outspoken was such a huge success, was there any pressure with this second release? Whether she's writing a new song or working on her footwear line, Fergie just puts herself into the project, makes it a labor of love and doesn't dwell on things like failure. "If you have success, success breeds more success," she says.

Her best kept beauty secret? Hydrate! Fergie slathers on coco butter lotion every day, and keeps her tresses sleek and smooth with leave-in conditioner.

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The Notes: Alluring top notes of succulent blackberry, shining starfruit and luscious kumquat captivate your audience. A heart of lush purple passion flower adds a bold and vibrant edge to lush gardenia and velvety orange flower petals. A base of sensual musks wrapped in white amber and blonde cedar creates an enduring rhythm.

The Ingredients:

  • Starfruit: With a unique flavor that evokes plum, pineapple and lemon, this exotic fruit adds an instant burst of star power to the fragrance.

  • Passion flower: An expected sweetness gives this flower its bold signature and imparts a sophisticated, luscious melody to the scent.

  • Sensual Musks: Smooth and warm, musks add an earthy, woody sensuality to the fragrance.

Outspoken Intense is $30, available July 2011, exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

FTC Disclosure: Avon is one of my lovely sponsors. The decision to write this post and all opinions expressed within are 100% my own. I received one complimentary bottle of Outspoken Intense in conjunction with this post.

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