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Off the Rack: Marshall's Shoe Megashop October Highlights

I had a very successful afternoon of shopping today. First, I stopped at Old Navy where the fall clearance sale is now in full effect (apparently my store is behind the rest of the country according to your tweets). There, I finally snagged that striped sweaterdress I've been obsessed with for just $10.14. Score. I also bought tees for my huz ($4.50 each), some fuchsia capri pants for myself marked down to $9 and a striped dolman sleeve top for $6. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos at Old Navy because when I do, I don't end up actually shopping (it's gotta be one or the other, apparently I can't multitask).

I did, however, snap some pics at my next stop - the Marshalls Shoe Megashop - where I was happy to find what are quite possibly the perfect black flat ankle boots by Steve Madden for just $49.99. I realize these won't appeal to everyone but I am in love. I'm hoping these will be the only boots I need for my upcoming trip to Spain (on account that they've very Euro). Keep reading to see some of the other shoes that stood out to me, great deals on leather boots plus all the trends, from leopard print pumps to loafer pumps. Feel free to share your recent shopping finds/steals in the comments, love hearing what everyone is hunting for!

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Uhm Fabulous Finds! I had just tweeted you about Old Navy, clearly I was behind too ...I got three more breezy blouses, I plan on going back to really shop tomorrow.

...PS I can't multitask either..
#1 Megan, The Frugalista Diaries (Homepage) on 2011-10-14 19:12 (Reply)
Had i realized the blouses were so cheap, I would have picked up the green and the peach one,! But I already have the leo and the hot pink, so I can't complain (oh wait yes I can because I paid $15 for those lol)
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2011-10-15 07:56 (Reply)
Well BB, I am glad you bought this dress as I hope to read your styling tips for this type of garment. I bought a Uniqlo brand sweater dress that looks to be a similar cut (straight up and down), but it's light gray with narrow white stripes, and I'm not sure how to wear it without it looking pajama-y. I'm also knitting myself another one that's more colorful with wide stripes, and I guess I'll face the same issue. They're super comfortable and cozy though.
#2 jane on 2011-10-15 08:59 (Reply)
Cute! Marshalls shoe selection usually underwhelms me. It's also fustrating because when I find something I like it's in a size 5 or 6, (8 1/2's are picked over).
#3 Liah on 2011-10-16 14:37 (Reply)
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