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Things We Love: Silk-Wrapped Bead Necklaces

Add shine to your spring wardrobe with a sumptuous silk-wrapped bead necklace.

Option one: silk-wrapped bead necklace from, $34. Available in ivory/brown or ivory/orange.

Option two: Silk-wrapped bead necklace from, $20.

Option three: Make one yourself with these simple steps from! Keep reading for the instructions >>
Tools & Materials
Sewing machine
Fabric of your choice (silk or rayon)
Sewing scissors
Loop turner
1-inch wooden beads

1. Use a thin piece of fabric (preferably silk or rayon).

2. Cut fabric so that the length is 55 inches and the width is 5 inches. (If your fabric isn't long enough, piece together two swatches to make the right length.)

3. Sew the sides of the fabric together to form a tube. Leave ends open.

4. Take a loop turner and turn tube inside out.

5. Take a 1-inch wooden bead and slide the bead to center of tube.
6. Hold the bead tightly to mark center. Tie a tight knot on each side of center bead. Repeat process until you have about 8 beads inside fabric.

7. Sew ends closed on sewing machine.

8. Leave enough fabric on the ends to tie it around your neck (about 11 to 12 inches total).

Learn more about Julie Pennington Hardee and her designs at The 1-inch solid wood beads are from Sunshine Craft, Julie recommends going to local fabric stories and thrift or vintage stores to find vintage scarves to use as the fabric for the bead necklaces.
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