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Love the Shoes You're In with Foot Petals

Posted by The Budget Babe's Beauty Expert

Like most women interested in fashion, I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. Love is the only word that can be used to describe the initial response to a glorious pair of heels. The sexy spike of the stiletto, the oomph of the wedge, the beauty of the boot—these are the things dreams are made of. Only difference is that in my dreams, I can wear them for longer then twenty minutes without cursing under my breath from the horrid pain they inflict on my poor feet.

That’s where the hate part of the relationship comes in. Just two weeks ago I found myself screaming at a pair of brown suede pumps in the subway, "WHY?!!!! Why must you be so tempting and then hurt me this way?!" Needless to say, my fellow riders gave me the you’re-the-reason-people-fear-public-transportation look.

That night at home while soaking my tootsies in a warm bath, I decided that the relationship between me and my shoes needed professional help...

Seek and you shall find, and after just a couple minutes online I found my salvation! A company called Foot Petals has developed a line of fabulous little inserts specially designed for women’s fashion shoes! They have several different styles of inserts for any problem area you might have. I immediately ordered their Tip Toes, Strappy Strips and their Heavenly Heels, and put them to the test—and it was love at first step! I slipped a pair of Tip Toes in my BCBG 5 inch heels before a party and found myself dancing the night away in total comfort. In the past I would have had to hobble off the dancefloor after just a couple of songs, but with Footpetals on my side I was able to Bachata the night away! The back of heels savers (Heavenly Heels) are amazing, and their Strappy Strips brought me to tears (of joy) with their tenderness.

Plus, they come in tons of fab colors (I personally love the animal prints!) and they also come in fun kits (like for the bride and her wedding party!) You can find them online on their website, and Avon also carries a line (Footpetals for Avon). Now you can look and feel fierce no matter what.

Kisses from TBB Beauty Expert!

Rose Tip toes featured above available at, $6.95.

The black foot petals products have a slight shimmer to them, which makes them look like the belong on fancy shoes (and aren't just an icky bandaid or something) Also love the animal print footpetals, tres sexy!
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