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Olay Botanical Fusion Body Wash in 'Hydrate'

Looking for a great new body wash? Lather up with The Budget Beauty Babe's latest find. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
I am a big fan of hydrating body washes, especially in the dry winter months (brr!). Olay has just come out with a new line of Body washes called Botanical Fusion, including a hydrating wash with patchouli and soy oil - and I love this product! It creates a soft rich lather, has a beautiful scent that lingers without being obnoxious or overpowering, and leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated (no tight dry skin over here!).

Plus, ingredients like Soy Oil and Shea Butter make it A-Okay in my book. Oh, and I love the look of the bottle - great shape, great color scheme and an overall impression of cleanliness and tranquility. For about $4, it's a great budget buy (I bought mine on sale, 3 for $10 at Walgreens!) I think it's a new staple in my bathroom, and I'm sure it'll also be great in summer when thick moisturizers are just too much.

>> Find out where to buy Olay Body Botanical Fusion Body Wash in Hydrate here.

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Thanks for this review. I am in love with Olay body washes, and I hadn't heard of this one yet. I will look for it now.
#1 Psyche (Homepage) on 2008-02-28 17:16 (Reply)
They had this at the dollar store. I wonder if it's because there was something wrong with them or because Olay is phasing them out? Anyways, for just a dollar, I bought a bottle, and I have to say that was one really nice body wash! My skin feels a lot softer now than it usually does. I just came back to the store but they don't have it anymore, and I couldn't find it at target or anywhere else, so I wonder if they are phasing it out. Too bad, I really liked it.
#2 maxx on 2011-09-18 02:43 (Reply)
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