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H&M Video Lookbook Fall 2012

The H&M fall 2012 video lookbooks are out, allowing us to see the autumn trends in motion. The soundtrack is also quite soothing! In case you missed it, you can browse the still lookbook photos here.

Feedback on this collection has been extremely positive. I loved this comment from reader ajdematteo, who wrote "I give 95% a genuine WOW rating! But I'm giving a WTF rating to the bedazzled gun holster and the 'is it a wide belt or is it a tiny leather skirt' piece." It's that mix of extremes, so duly noted by ajdematteo, that makes this collection so compelling: A sporty baseball cap with over-the-top embellishment; or a gold lame skirt paired with a chunky oversized sweater.

I got to see the Fall collection pieces in person when I visited the H&M showroom last week and it's uh-mazing. I wasn't sure how the rhinestone-encrusted pieces would look in real life but I can assure you, they look luxe and make me yearn for fall. Already.

Watch the H&M Men's Fall 2012 video lookboook here. Shop the trend collection at select H&M stores beginning late summer.

Video via Barracuda Film & TV for H&M
I give it a WTF as well! Remember when H&M sold affordable clean cut t-shirts, button ups, cardigans, a-line skirts, and sheath dresses?
#1 Melissa D on 2012-05-28 09:48 (Reply)
---- LOVE the collar necklace, the earrings, the Varsity Jacket & the "V" tee.
#2 Nicole O. (Homepage) on 2012-05-29 01:19 (Reply)
Ha, glad you liked the comment! Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the 95% I do like actually shows up in an H&M store in Minnesota. Our H&M's seem to get the short end of the fashion stick, so to speak. Hopefully when they launch online shopping later this year we'll at least have access to all the pieces.
#3 ajdematteo on 2012-05-29 08:05 (Reply)
Selection can really vary by store, I'm always jealous when I see what's in the NYC stores versus the H&M at my local mall... although to be fair, we get good stuff too, just generally in smaller quantities which means you have to check more often (and I don't have time to visit the mall all that often). Hopefully online shopping will remedy this somewhat as you've said!
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2012-05-29 11:09 (Reply)
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