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5 Under $50: Neon Shorts

Neon shorts fall into that category of "things I'd never think I could wear," and yet, a trip to some of my favorite blogs gives me a quick lesson on how to style this right-now trend. Whether dressed up or down, neon shorts prove versatile and easy to pull-off when combined with neutrals (think black and white). And that effervescent glow of color will give your entire outfit an irresistible appeal.

Here, five pairs of neon shorts under $50 to get you going...

{Shown above (left): Viva Luxury in J.Crew shorts; Native Fox in Gap shorts}

1. I Heart Ronson for JCP neon shorts, $18
JCP has been struggling to convey their new sale structure to customers, but I, for one, embrace the new system. I know I'm in the minority here - most JCP customers love the sales more than the merchandise - but I've come to prefer no-frills, low prices everyday. It's also revealing that JCP could drop everyday prices by 40 percent without changing the merchandise. Just goes to show how much the markup on fashion really is (not that there's anything inherently wrong in that, it's just good to be aware lest you think "pay more" equals "get more").

2. Express neon shorts, $29.94 (down from $49.90)
Available in pink, orange or yellow, these neon shorts take me back to my childhood days - but I'd wear them in a grown-up way, of course.

3. Bebe neon cut-offs, $40 (down from $79)
These are a perfect dupe for Current/Elliott's "The Cut-Off" neon shorts, which will set you back $152.

4. Old Navy neon shorts, $17.50 (down from $19.94)
These cotton shorts get great reviews from Old Navy shoppers, making them a guilt-free way to get in on this trend.

5. J. Crew neon chino shorts, $39.50 (down from $48)

Believe it or not, J. Crew has lots of affordable short options under $50, including these chic pink chinos that offer a little extra coverage with their longer length.

Have you seen affordable neon shorts elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!
I listened to the reports about dismal sales in the first few months or so at JCP but I am really liking the price points and not really missing th coupons and all that jazz.. Simple...go in store pay decent price...get cute threads and not worry about hocus pocus! Love this post going to find a pair of these shorts! Thanks for your work!
#1 Robin on 2012-06-21 13:39 (Reply)
I'm right there with you.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2012-06-21 14:55 (Reply)
I love it too! I saw these amazing blue ikat shorts there for $20, but they were sold out on my size. =(
#1.2 Elizabeth on 2012-06-22 09:53 (Reply)
In the last few weeks, I snagged a pair of neon yellow shorts from the juniors section at TJ Maxx for $13. I didn't think I would be wearing them as often as I have been!
#2 Emilia on 2012-06-21 15:20 (Reply)
Brilliant! Love TJ Maxx. I saw some neon skinnies there a couple weeks ago as well.
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2012-06-21 16:26 (Reply)
I have the Old Navy ones in neon them!
#3 Sara (Homepage) on 2012-06-21 20:51 (Reply)
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