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Review: Aubrey Organics Creme de la Shave in Toasted Almond

Some beauty routines are fun and relaxing, but shaving is not one of them. It's a boring, tedious chore that never ends (unless you get laser hair removal but I've never been motivated enough to go through all the treatments). That's why I welcome any product that can help make the process a little bit smoother (literally). Recently I got a chance to sample Aubrey Organics Crème de la Shave in Toasted Almond and it's so pleasant, it's almost made me look forward to shaving!

What they say: "Made with rich emollients and fruit extracts, this moisturizing shave cream pampers and protects your skin for a luxurious, ultra-smooth shave and legs so soft, you may not need a lotion after shaving. You'll love its silky feel and luscious almond scent."

What I think: Aubrey Organics Crème de la Shave delivers on all its promises. It looks and feels a lot like conditioner (which a reader once taught me also makes great shaving cream). It has a light fragrance that doesn't linger (a big plus for me) and soft peachy-pink coloration. I just squeezed out a little bit at a time, smoothed it onto my skin and proceeded to shave.

I found I got a really close shave using this cream which left my legs super smooth and soft. It's non-irritating and moisturizing without being greasy. The formula is also easy to rinse off your razor as you're shaving which saves time. I just splashed my legs once or twice with water to remove any extra cream and I was good to go.

Other reasons I love this product include the fact that it's made in the USA from 100% natural ingredients and no animal testing. It's also vegan if that's something you're looking for. Aubrey also uses mostly organic ingredients, and you can read more about that on their website.

Prior to trying Aubrey Crème de la Shave, I had just finished a bottle of EOS shave cream, which I also love (except the fact that it's really hard to get all of the product out of the pump). I don't think I'll go back to shave foams or gels after trying these two creams. The creams don't dry up as you're shaving and they keep your skin moisturized. I'll definitely pick up some more Aubrey when I run out, just wish the tube was bigger!

You can find Aubrey Creme de la Shave in Toasted Almond as well as other fragrances on for $3.05 or $5.77 at

Disclosure: I received the product reviewed in this post free of charge. As always the decision to write this review and the opinions expressed within are 100% my own.
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