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Beauty Box 5: A Review

Recently, I had the chance to review a complimentary box from Beauty Box 5, a cosmetic sampling program that delivers a beauty box with 4 to 5 beauty samples once a month for $12 ($30/quarterly, $100/yearly). Like many subscription services, Beauty Box 5 aims to introduce customers to the latest in hair care, skin care, makeup, fragrances, and anything beauty related. The goal is to introduce you to products that fit your lifestyle so you don't end up buying tons of products that just end up unused in your drawers or medicine cabinets. Subscribers receive products from brands of all scales to include luxury, organic, boutique, and more commonly known brands. Beauty Box 5 includes packet samples, deluxe, travel size and full size products, too.

I know I'm late to the party on this one, but here's what I thought. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Beauty Box 5 or any other subscription service you love!

Here's what I got in my box and what I thought about each product:

Blinc Mascara, 0.2 oz sample: This claims to be a water-resistant, smudge proof, flake free mascara that surrounds your lashes with little tubes of love. Retails for $26. Yowza! Well, it worked pretty well. I even used it on my lower lashes and didn't see a single smudge. Remarkable. It resists water (I didn't go swimming but it didn't come off when I got a little water on my eyes while washing my face) but comes off easily in a hot steamy shower. It's kinda gross the way it comes off in little wormy black clumps, though, LOL. Anyways, I love how it made my lashes look and feel, but I doubt I'll fork over $26 for a full size tube.

Curls Gel-les'c 8 oz sample: I don't have curly hair but I do have wavy, frizzy hair, so I gave this product a try. It was okay in terms of keeping my hair frizz-free while it air dried, and I really enjoyed the light scent. This botanically based, organic curl styler did not impart brilliant sheen, as claimed, and I'm not sure if it would keep curls in place since I don't have curls. Based on the scent alone, I'll look into more products from this brand. Full size is $25.

Spongeables Ped-Scrub Foot Buffer: This little sponge claims to nourish, invigorate and revitalize your feet for an at-home spa experience. You use the scruffy side to buff, then flip and use the soft side to moisturize. While I enjoyed the concept, I need more buffing action so I'll stick to my Sally Hansen foot file. Also, the conditioning side makes your feet slippery, so you really need to be sitting down when you use this thing. Avoid using in the shower. At only $2.99, it's a fun gift idea.

Bodyography Makeup Primer 1 oz.: I'm just getting into using primers, and I don't wear them often, but I know they make a huge difference when you're wearing foundation. This one worked well, but I don't have much to compare it to. I like that it goes on clear and smooth and doesn't stink. Some primers leave my face almost white, like I'm getting ready for Kabuki. At $30 for a full size bottle, I will probably pass just because I don't use primer that often.

I have a subscription to Birtchbox and love it. And its always prettily packaged. I definitely look forward to it every month.
#1 Cat on 2012-08-31 11:33 (Reply)
I liked most of the products they sent over for my review, i was a fan of the organic products.
#2 Megan, (Homepage) on 2012-08-31 12:32 (Reply)
I'm thinking of asking for a subscription to one of these services for Christmas. I was originally going to go with Birchbox but this looks like it would be pretty good too...decisions decisions.
#3 Sara (Homepage) on 2012-08-31 15:13 (Reply)
Birchbox offered me a box to review a while ago but I was swamped at the time so I had to pass it up. I'd be interested in giving them a try, too, I've only heard good things!
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2012-08-31 15:28 (Reply)
I gave a friend a Birchbox gift subscription and she LOVED it (she renewed). I wanted to do it for another friend, but there's a wait now...
I've never even gotten a subscription for myself.
#4 TheOtherEmily on 2012-08-31 22:46 (Reply)
I subscribe to cravebox and love it, $10 a month and a good mix of stuff. Cravebox is like Christmas coming every month. I use Monistat Chafing Gel as a make-up primer (I got the tip from and it works great. My make-up lasts all day and the chafing gel is only around $6. The great thing is, for $6 you get a make-up primer and you can use the chafing gel to prevent blisters on your feet where your shoes rub. For eye shadow primer, it doesn't get any better than Urban Decay.
#5 Jessica (Homepage) on 2012-09-01 01:24 (Reply)
That tip sounds so crazy that I'm going to have to try it. I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on a primer (even if it's amazing). Thanks, Jessica!
#5.1 Amy on 2012-09-01 09:17 (Reply)
I use Blinc mascara. It is pricey but is the only product I've ever used that does not smudge under my eyes. Worth the price if you have this issue.
#6 pb on 2012-09-01 13:46 (Reply)
@pb Glad to hear this - Blinc is really the only mascara I can remember trying that doesn't smudge - even on lower lashes.
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2012-09-02 08:52 (Reply)
I was torn between Birchbox & Glossybox. I decided on Birchbox and after waiting about 3 weeks I received an email informing me the wait is over. I love it! My first box included a Juicy Couture fragrance, DDF cleanser, the Balm stanaic, and a Schick Hydro razor!
#7 Alice on 2012-09-02 13:59 (Reply)
I am such a lame-o. I subscribe to Sample Society, Glam Bag and Birchbox...and "popsugar must have bag". I also got glossy box for two months but did not feel, at all, that it warranted a $21 fee, so I cancelled.
#8 Cindy on 2012-09-04 17:00 (Reply)
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