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Marc Jacobs Striped Hudson Inspired Bag

When you're young, broke and fabulous, you don't need an authentic designer purse. Boys don't care what you carry. Neither do true friends. Your goal is looking cute, having fun and experimenting with new styles. You don't have the money, but then again, you don't really need it. See, you're livin' in the now. The here and now. You're not waiting until you turn old and gray and can actually afford some overpriced leather sac. It's not about instant gratification, it's about embracing who and where and what you are in life, right now, in this very moment. It's about playing dress-up, not climbing the social ladder.

So who are you? You're young, broke and fabulous. You're totin' your designer-inspired bag to the mall to meet friends. To the coffee shop to meet a cute boy. To the club where you just might spill a drink or two on it, or leave it in a cab later that night. In short, you're enjoying life. Because life is short, and at the end of the day, a purse is just an accessory, it neither defines nor delivers true happiness. So don't judge the girl with the knockoff.

Left: Marc Jacobs Striped Hudson Bag, $1,275.00
Right: Kenzington Satchel at, $29.80

Preach it sister! Although, if someone spilled a drink on my bag I'd still punch them, regardless of the label! lol!
#1 Peaches on 2008-03-15 11:10 (Reply)
this entry inspires me...

to go shopping. :-)
#2 romi on 2008-03-17 16:26 (Reply)
Good article, I agree and I like that forever21 bag!! I saw that the other weekend and was thinking of getting it.
#3 fdiary (Homepage) on 2008-03-18 00:52 (Reply)
I have this bag! and so do 2 of my other friends hahaha we didn't know we all had the same bag until we all hung out one day!
#4 Ally on 2009-01-03 21:26 (Reply)
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