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Ask BB: Mindy's Bandage Dress from 'The Mindy Project'

I'm dying for a less expensive version of the dress Mindy Kaling wore on the last episode of her show The Mindy Project (Season 1, Episode 3, Original Airdate 10/09/2012). —Stephanie

I'm usually out of the loop when it comes to current TV shows but I actually watch The Mindy Project and thought Mindy's club-scene dress was amazing, too! The vivid red color is eye-catching while the modern stripes emphasize a perfect hourglass shape.

Her one-shoulder bandage dress by Herve Leger is $1,550 at (kinda steep, even for Mindy's OB/GYN character):

When it comes to bandage dresses on a budget, nobody beats Bebe. While I couldn't find an exact look-a-like, Bebe has the best selection of bandage-style dresses, mostly under $150:

On the cheap end, stores like Express, Forever 21, Arden B., Charlotte Russe and Urban Outfitters also regularly stock bandage-style body-con dresses for as little as $24.80:

But that's not all: I stumbled upon a brand called BINZII on that carries dozens of bandage style knockoffs. I can't vouch for quality but at least they are affordable, priced mostly under $100.

BINZII purple bodycon dress, $79.95; BINZII colorblock dress, $89; BINZZI colorblock bandage dress, $79

Finally, if all else fails, you can always rent a genuine Herve Leger bandage dress for as little as $150 at
love the show! hate the dress!
#1 Liz (Homepage) on 2012-10-18 20:58 (Reply)
nice dresses
#2 ade (Homepage) on 2012-10-19 12:30 (Reply)
I thought the bandage dress trend had died(?).
#3 Amy on 2012-10-19 16:37 (Reply)
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