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The Target x Neiman Marcus Collection is 70 Percent Off in Stores

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the Target x Neiman Marcus collection is now 70% off in stores only. As I'm writing this, it's only 50% off online at ("only," ha!). I took the plunge and finally bought the sequin Tracy Reese top that I've had a crush on since the lookbook first came out. This top has a relaxed fit so the XS fit me well. I feel like the size small would look frumpy since it's a boxy cut with almost dolman-like short sleeves. And I paid a measly $12 because of a cashier error which I swear I just discovered now as I'm checking my receipt for the purpose of writing this post. (They took 70% off the 50% off price of $39.99 rather than 70% off the original $79.99 price. Oops.) If you buy anything on clearance, please note that you only have until January 5th to return. The buzz on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and comments is nearly unanimous - this collab was a flop. But hey, if you bought things you love, just enjoy! I can't wait to wear my Tracy Reese top and I adore the two sets of Tracy Reese dessert plates that I bought for half price online. Money well spent in my book.

Ha! I just realized we took a picture of the same thing! Agreed, major flop!
#1 Megan, (Homepage) on 2013-01-01 22:27 (Reply)
Love that top - I had ordered the small online and it was too big + the boxy fit was super unflattering on me. But now that it's so cheap in stores, I may go back and try the XS as you suggested! :-)
#2 Penny Pincher Fashion (Homepage) on 2013-01-02 07:13 (Reply)
I bought the rag and bone shot glasses and pretty gold low balls. Super cheap and look at the bar. Also got the Tori Burch lunch bag for 5 bucks, would have never paid full price for this stuff though. 70% is perfect!! Lol
#3 DanielleVB on 2013-01-02 09:07 (Reply) also seems to be offering free shipping on what's left of the NM collection online - probably in an effort to blast this stuff out.
At these prices, I may pick up a few more of the Carolina Herrera stationery sets to give as hostess gifts.
#4 Target-Addict (Homepage) on 2013-01-02 10:54 (Reply)
As soon as you mentioned the 50% off on this collection I hightailed it to Target for the Tracy Reese top and bought the XS as well. Now that things are 70% I may buy the men's Rag and Bone grey sweater. I really like it for me! Not sure tho' but there are a couple of black ruffly blouse that may be worth the price now too! Thanks for the heads up!
#5 Robin on 2013-01-02 11:03 (Reply)
It's 70% off online as of this morning.
#6 Kit on 2013-01-02 11:08 (Reply)
@Kit - Thanks for the tip!!
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-01-02 11:20 (Reply)
I ended up ordering the Thom Browne women's tipped blazer for $38 online since the price went to 70% off this morning. I also picked up the Proenza Schouler sweatshirt for $9. I'm hopeful both of these will fit since I wasn't able to try them on first before ordering and since I likely won't receive them until after the January 5th deadline for returns (that's kind of ridiculous I think but oh well). I did try on a medium in the blazer at my store (they didn't have a small to try on) and it was a little big overall so I'm hopeful the small will be fitted but just right. I'm thinking about that sequin top you got too since that's such a great deal and you can never have too many sequins! :-)
#7 Sarah on 2013-01-02 13:03 (Reply)
I ended up getting the Tracy Reese top, the Lela Rose top, the DVF jewelry box and 2 more dog bowls for spares.
#8 Tracie on 2013-01-02 14:58 (Reply)
I got the same top at 70% off too! I also picked up the TB thermos and lunch box. I got the PS sweatshirt and the DVF jewelry box at 50% off. I think the problem was the pieces were so overpriced for Target. But, at savings like these now, they're perfect!
#9 Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy (Homepage) on 2013-01-02 16:21 (Reply)
I didn't buy anything in this collection at full-price. Just too expensive for what it was/quality. But I bought several x-mas gifts and some items for myself just before Christmas and now, at over 70% off, I've gone back for more. Many are pieces I'll have for a long time, and for Target, the quality is higher. I'm very happy. My husband even got me the bike -maybe that's crazy, but it was such a deal at almost 80% off. I bought a lot of Mossimo stuff and I think that these will be treasured longer. So for me, not a flop, but maybe for Target.
#10 Sara on 2013-01-02 20:38 (Reply)
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