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Ask BB: Faux Fur Vests Under $100

"Do you know where I can find a fur vest? Every time I find one that I like online, it is out of my size or completely sold out. I'm looking for a light brown-ish one that I can layer over plaid, denim, everything! I'm not looking to spend more than $100." —Sarah

Without hesitating, I would get this Pins and Needles faux fur vest that's now just $49.99 (down from $79) at It comes in brown or black and I'm pretty sure it's the perfect faux fur vest. The cut is super versatile so you can pair this vest with button down shirts and jeans or over a boho dress with boots.

{Shown above: Fur vest style inspiration via Wendy's Lookbook, Jessica Alba on Zimbio, Bows and Sequins.}
If that vest won't do, I'd check TJ Maxx or Marshalls - that's where I found my faux fur vest for $39.99 at the start of the season. The only problem is that you might have trouble finding one now that we're well into January.

Finally, I'd keep an eye on It seems like every time I ask someone wearing a faux fur vest "where'd you get that?" the answer is inevitably Forever 21! It's surprising how good they make their faux fur look for under $30, like this one:

Have you found a great faux fur vest this season under $100? Let Sarah know in the comments!
I recently snagged a brown faux fur vest (Sanctuary brand) at Ross for $20. It was on clearance for some odd reason. I also saw some at JC Penney. I think it's the perfect time to wear one too, now that the weather will be warming up just a tad and arms won't be freezing. They're so unique and glamorous at the same time, and fun to wear :-)
#1 Brooke Miller on 2013-01-28 02:32 (Reply)
I've purchased faux fur vests at TJ Maxx ($40) and Forever 21 ($30 and $25). They're great to wear as layering pieces if it's super chilly outside!

#2 Alyssa (Homepage) on 2013-01-28 11:58 (Reply)
I've been looking for an affordable vest just like that Urban Outfitters one in brown! Great find!
#3 Kodi (Homepage) on 2013-01-28 14:00 (Reply)
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