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ZARA TRF February Lookbook 2013

ZARA released the TRF February lookbook for 2013, featuring leggy models styled in Zara's (even) more affordable, slightly younger slanting collection. With fashion week fresh on my mind, my eye is drawn to the leather tee and flat ankle boots (saw lots of those on the runway) but its the more ladylike pieces I love, like the polka dot top and jeans, the jacquard cardigan with ribbons, and the printed quilted jacket. Ethnic inspiration abounds on everything from printed denim and embroidered vests, to bowling jackets and cross-body bags. It's a cool mashup that makes me wish I lived closer to a Zara (shopping online can be tough since the sizing varies so much).

Which pieces do you like?

Photos courtesy of ZARA
I'm a fan of the ankle boots as well! I'll also most likely pick up a pair of the nude heels.

Thanks for sharing!

#1 Jessie (Homepage) on 2013-02-13 00:01 (Reply)
Yay polka dots are back!
#2 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2013-02-13 00:48 (Reply)
Super cute items, but yes, their sizing can be difficult to figure out. I recently had to send back a few pairs of pants that just weren't proportioned right. At least they have free shipping and returns!
#3 ajdematteo on 2013-02-13 09:06 (Reply)
@ajdematteo - That's true, free shipping and returns are very helpful!
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-02-13 10:39 (Reply)
Mostly cute stuff, although some of the blue denim jeans are verging too close to acid wash for my taste. Those need to stay in the '80s!
#4 Nikki F. on 2013-02-13 09:27 (Reply)
@Nikki F. - I personally like the look but the look doesn't like me...those light wash jeans do funny things to my figure. Not good lol.
#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-02-13 10:39 (Reply)
I hope this doesn't ban me from this site forever but, there's a Zara in my local mall, 6 miles from here and I have never been there. That about tells you how much style I have. :p I shall make a point of going in next time I'm there.
#5 Monica on 2013-02-13 11:17 (Reply)
I love it! It's always bittersweet when there's a new season at Zara because all the clothes are so beautiful, but after, my bank account is depressingly low... Oh well!
#6 Devon (Homepage) on 2013-02-13 18:53 (Reply)
Awesome looks. Love the shorts.
#7 Style (Homepage) on 2013-02-13 20:10 (Reply)
Shorts and vest works best. I love their selection of vests and cover-ups. Very chic!
#8 Travel Fashion Girl (Homepage) on 2013-02-13 23:22 (Reply)
Can anyone tell me the name of the flat sandal/boot shoes in pics 2,3 & 4 I've got to have them and can't find them online and the name of them isn't in the look book which is weird?

Any help would be appreciated :-)
#9 Kim on 2013-02-20 06:16 (Reply)
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