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Marchesa for JCPenney

Marchesa for JCPenney

I mentioned this story on Saturday in my weekly web round-up, but news this big deserves it's own post: Marchesa is teaming up with JCP to create Pearl by Georgina Chapman, a collection of affordable special-occasion dresses. The line will launch with prom dresses, plus other options ranging from "garden party" to "holiday party," according to WWD. Expect to see monthly 15-piece installments thereafter, ranging in price from $70 to $100. On the low end, WWD says you might see a $50 lace shell, while a long organza gown will cost $250. Pearl will be housed in its own store within a store at JCP come March 1, 2013.

As excited as I am for this, I realized I might be in the minority when I exclaimed to my party guests while watching the Oscars last night, "OMG did you hear?! Marchesa is doing a line for JCPenney! JCPENNEY!" I was met with blank stares. So while I personally will be checking this out, I can't help but wonder how much money JCPenney is spending on such a big name collab and whether or not this sort of investment will actually benefit them in the grand scheme of things. I mean, at least the prices are right, so even if JCP shoppers don't come flocking for the name, hopefully they'll be impressed by the clothes. So long as JCP's doors remain open, I can not WAIT to see more!

UPDATE 2/26/13: Pearl by Georgina Chapman has launched early at Shop the collection now!

This is one collection I am dying to see , and they really thought about the REAL consumer this time. The prices are fabulous and those dresses gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
#1 Berty Morales (Homepage) on 2013-02-25 16:16 (Reply)
These dresses actually look prettier and less fussy than the actual Marchesa designs (which I usually HATE).
#2 Amy on 2013-02-25 19:41 (Reply)
Omg this is fabulous news, although heartbreaking at the same time for me as I'm in Canada lol. Yeah, Marchesa probably isn't a very well-known brand to most people, but then again most people only know LV and Chanel, so I think these collabos seem to target the fashion conscious anyways and not the general consumer.
#3 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2013-02-26 01:43 (Reply)
There's a lot of interesting things taking shape at JCP lately, and this is clearly one of them. I am a bit befuttled as to why they're getting less attention than, say, Target or Kohl's collaborations. JCP's Mango line is fantastic, but I rarely see it covered.

My local JCP will be getting a Joe Fresh shop soon so I'm excited to see that. And so far, I think I'm going to like the new "store within a store" concept they're rolling out. A department store can be too huge and intimidating to tackle, so having clearly defined sections for different lines is a step in the right direction, IMHO.
#4 ajdematteo on 2013-02-26 09:13 (Reply)
I should add that the BB provides lots of JCP coverage :-)
#5 ajdematteo on 2013-02-26 09:15 (Reply)
@ajdematteo - Thanks, I try!

Two words: Public Relations.

JCP could improve communication. For example, I just discovered Pearl has launched - EARLY!

It would be great to get a heads up on things like this from JCPenney since it's EXACTLY what I cover :-) Target and Kohl's are much better at communicating with their audience.
#5.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-02-26 09:58 (Reply)
I don't see this collab doing well just because a lot of us younger people don't shop there because the majority thinks it's for old people. I shop there- I love their on trend clothes for our age. I think I will wait until it's on clearance, because the prices are a tad high for me, and people our age don't go there to shop for clothes, so there will be a lot left.

Which is sad, because JCP is trying to get younger people to shop there will all of these collabs, but it's not getting through. They need to definitely need to work on trying to reach their audience.
#6 Elizabeth on 2013-02-26 10:31 (Reply)
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