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A Colored Denim Fairy Tale

Once upon a time (read: back in the '80s), rainbow-hued denim reigned supreme in the closets of all fashion princesses. But then the styles changed, and colored denim was cruelly cast-out of the fashion kingdom, never to be seen or heard from again. Until, that is, some time last year when colored denim made its glorious comeback and galloped back into our hearts on the proverbial white horse - cuter and edgier and better than ever! Live happily ever after (cuz this trend is here to stay) with one of the three cheap, chic colored jean picks featured above from Forever 21. THE END

From left to right: Francine Jean, $29.80; Joy Straight Leg Denim, $29.80; Yellow Elena Denim pant, $27.80

TIP: Avoid over-accessorizing and let your colored jeans be the focal point of an outfit. If you're wearing colored skinnies, don't forget to keep it loose or voluminous on top.

Budget Babe,

My body is pear shaped; I have an amazing butt and big thighs. Can I still wear colored skinny jeans? I feel that they would emphasize these "trouble" areas.
#1 Sammy on 2008-04-03 08:01 (Reply)
Hi Sammy,
You can absolutely wear colored skinny jeans! Just make sure 1) The fit is perfect. Nice and long inseam, nothing too low-rise, and get a jean with a bit of stretch. 2) Go for a gorgeous blue or purple hue, they're just a tad deeper than your pinks and yellows but just as chic (blue is the new black!). 3) Pick a top that extends below the waist, preferably to the middle of the bum or even a tunic. Nothing too tight or clingy. 4) Consider a top in a color lighter than the jeans to draw the eye upwards - if you wear a solid black top, the bright jeans may actually make your bottom half look bigger. 5) Skip the diva high heels, that will look tranny not fierce. 6) It's all about attitude, people! Wear it like you mean it, and people will notice - in a good way :-)

If anyone else has advice for Sammy, please share...
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-04-03 09:43 (Reply)
Thanks BB! I really appreciate the advice. I am getting a shopping list together (updating my wardrobe) and taking notes of all the spring/summer trends. Your site is so helpful and saves me some money!
#1.1.1 Sammy on 2008-04-03 13:13 (Reply)
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