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Review: Dazzled by Jewelry from Ash & Willow

Ash & Willow jewelry review

One dreary, rainy Oregon day, I walked down to my mailbox and was surprised to see a small package inside. The return label read “Ash & Willow.” For someone who does a lot of perusing on retail sites, I was pretty sure I would have remembered if I had ordered something from this company. But it was totally foreign to me. I opened the box to find three of the most darling pieces of jewelry: a strand necklace, beaded earrings, and a geometric ring. I’ll admit I got a little over-eager and assumed I might have a secret admirer.
Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, but fortunately the jewelry WAS meant for me—after tweeting about my mystery box, tagging @AshandWillow, the company responded: “Dianna from the @BudgetBabe had me send them to you for review :-) Hope you enjoy!!! xo”

My rainy day had just turned bright!

“A haven for bold & unique accessories of unparalleled selection at guilt-free prices”

This is Ash & Willow’s testimony to itself, and I found that their selection fulfills every word! Though their products are a bit pricier than the flashy accessories you would buy on whim from say Target or Forever21, believe me; it is well worth the extra few bucks for items that will last longer than a few wears before tarnishing or having the clasps or chains break. Each Ash & Willow piece is under $40, which is a steal anyways when it comes to high-quality and beautifully designed fashion jewelry like theirs. I had multiple compliments on all three of the items I reviewed each time I wore them.

Double v ring, Ash & Willow

Item #1: Double V Ring $14

I wear this ring ALL THE TIME now, I kid you not. Rings are by far my favorite accessory, and this one is perfect. It isn’t at all too obnoxious to wear to class or out and about during the day, but I also have worn it on nights out when I want just a simple but trendy touch to an outfit. I can barely even tell that I have it on because it fits just right on my middle fingers, and I haven’t noticed any fading like I have on other gold-colored rings I own. Several of my girlfriends loved the design and were eager to know where I had got it from—validation from friends is always a good sign in fashion!

Foliage bloom earrings, Ash & Willow

Item #2: Foliage Bloom Earrings $24

Normally I’m not a big fan of large, brightly colored beads. But the foliage was an instant eye-grabber for me and I definitely see the “bloom”-inspired look—so springy! At first glance I guessed that they would be pulling my earlobes down to my collarbone just because of the size of the beads, but weight isn’t an issue at all with this ear décor!

They created a nice contrast when I wore them with a lacey tank top tucked into a form-fitting mini skirt; playfully girlish but not too flashy! I’m not worried about the beads falling out at all; these earrings seem sturdy and very well made despite their fragile appearance.

Item #3: Mixed Strands Necklace $24

This piece proved also to be extremely versatile as far as when, where, and what I could pair it with. Some might find it a bit much for daywear, but personally I thought it was just right for playing up my oversized white sweater on a day outing. I love that there is a sort of color-blocking with the black and gold chains and beads, giving it a little bit of an edge but still delicate and feminine. The fine chains can get tangled pretty easily though, so be careful when handling and be sure to let it hang from a jewelry rack when you’re not showing it off!

As far as navigating their website, Ash & Willow is clean-cut and straightforward. From the homepage, you can shop by collection, by style, or by designer. The company also offers the amenity of purchasing a monthly box plan. One month costs $35 and you will receive at least three pieces chosen for you by their stylists! You can also opt for a 2-month ($63), 4-month ($120), or 6-month ($168) plan, should you find that this wonderful company fulfills all your jewelry dreams!
Thanks for the post- love them all and had to sign up for the newsletter and Facebook. Will go back tonight when I have more time to shop to look for some new goodies!
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