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Fab Rugs Under $100

Stylish rugs for the budget decorista

In this weekly column, I'm sharing home decor tips and tricks for the budget decorista. This week we're chatting rugs. Visit my blog A Vintage Splendor for more style inspiration.

Not only does a rug help define a room in your house, it helps bring warmth into the space which is nice during the holiday season. If you have a small space, a rug can help serve as the statement piece of the room as well as a transitional piece between different aesthetics (modern and rustic or traditional and glam). In a large room, the placement of the rug will create and define multiple spaces while bringing unity to the overall space. This is a great solution for large rooms that can be divided into living and dining spaces. When it comes to buying and decorating with a rug, I follow three simple rules:
Size: Are you looking for a rug to cover the entire space or just add a splash of color? The rule of thumb is to get a rug that is large enough to anchor the space and furniture without creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. You want to make sure the space is welcoming and the furniture breathes. I also recommend the front two legs of the sofa to be placed on the rug.

Durability: Will the rug be used in a high traffic area? Do you have pets and/or children? These are important things to consider before purchasing a rug. Wool rugs with pattern detail are great for hiding stains caused by dirty shoes, pets, and children. I also prefer jute rugs for high traffic areas since they don’t shed and they really last a long time. They are not the comfiest for living spaces, but they will be your best bet in the hallway or entryway.

Color: Are you a maximalist or minimalist? Do you love bold geometric prints or soft pastels? As mentioned before, a good rug will anchor the space and set the tone for the aesthetic of a room. Be adventurous with your choice, but realistic. If you’ve opted for traditional furniture and want to stay within this look, try a rug with a classic pattern in a brighter hue rather than cool greys or taupes. On the contrary, if you’ve mixed in patterns, textures, and colors and are still craving more, then try out a chevron or striped patterns in warm hues.

Are you ready to start shopping? Below are some of my favorite rugs that are sure to transform your space for under $100!

Cute and affordable rugs under $100

1. Bruna Rug (2'6"x4'), $59
2. Carnival Rug (3'7"x5'6"), $66
3. Panoptic Stripe Rug (2'6"x7'6"), $66
4. Fretwork Rug (5'x7'), $79.99
5. Greek Flokati Rug (3'x5'), $99
6. Homespun Chevron Rug (6'x9'), $99
Perfectly timed! With all new hardwood floors in our home and my need to constantly redecorate...:-)
#1 Wishes & Reality (Homepage) on 2014-10-24 15:00 (Reply)
Love this. Rugs are such a statement piece but can be so expensive!
#2 Kallie (Homepage) on 2014-10-24 15:17 (Reply)
Love these rugs!
#3 Mel (Homepage) on 2014-10-24 18:44 (Reply)
I'm hoping to repaint this fall and when I do...stylish rugs are on my list of new items I need to help pull my rooms together. Nice post!
#4 Laura (Homepage) on 2014-10-25 08:46 (Reply)
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