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Holiday Slumber Party: Affordable Gift Ideas from Joe Boxer and Kmart Beauty

Kmart beauty
Sponsored by Kmart

Baby, it sure is getting cold outside these past few weeks! While we love our nights out, sometimes all we want is a snuggly evening in—and maybe with a pal or two! Our sense of love and thankfulness associated with our friends and family are heightened at this joyous holiday season, and we celebrate that by spending time with them. A ladies night might be typical, so let’s put a spin on it and hold a good old-fashioned slumber party! My best friends and I got together for a night of movies, snacks, and all things girly! We slumbered in style with Joe Boxer pajamas and got all dolled up with new beauty products—all available at Kmart!

Kmart beauty

Pictured right to left: Wild & Leopard Print Pajama Shirt, Pants and Shorts $19 - $21 (Size Medium on Model) / Star Long Sleeve Flannel Pajama Shirt & Pants $19 (Size Small on Model) / Mr. Winky Pajama Shirt, Pants and Shorts $19 - $21 (Size Small on Model)

It may have been several years since your last sleepover party, but the usual must-haves and must-dos still apply! Lay out your comfiest blankets and fluff those pillows, pop in a Disney movie or '80s teen flick (we conveniently found The Little Mermaid on TV), and break out the prime snack foods from the pantry. And since you actually are grown-ups now, scented candles are the perfect grown-up addition to the layout! We lit an Essential Home Cinnamon Vanilla Candle ($12). Imagine one of those scents that you just want to take a bite out of…but we just stuck with popcorn and marshmallows!

Kmart beauty

My friend and I both admitted to lounging around each night in sweat pants and baggy t-shirts. So we were a little bit excited to see some bright and playful sleepwear! Joe Boxer has an endless selection of pajama sets with fun patterns and sayings. The best part about it is that the material is light yet cozy, and we loved having the option of wearing either shorts or long pants to match our tops.

Kmart beauty

Kmart beauty

Our makeup and beauty haul reminded me of the times I would raid my big sister’s bathroom with my friends and gave each other fabulous (but actually hideous) makeovers. Oh how mature and clown-faced we looked! Now, your makeup artistry skills have likely improved...The wide variety of products allowed us to get a full look that we could have taken to the streets…but we were too content in our sleepover mode to leave the house!

Each of these products would make perfect stocking stuffers, or one big grab-bag of beauty goodies! With Joe Boxer and Kmart Fashion, you can treat yourself to a fun night like ours - or give your girlfriends those perfect gifts she'll love.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kmart. Opinions are always our own. Thank you for supporting brands that help make this site possible!
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