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Beauty Splurge vs. Steal of the Week: Illuminating Hand Cream

Beauty Splurge vs. Steal of the Week: Illuminating Hand Cream

In this weekly column, I’m bringing you my favorite budget-friendly beauty products that are available online and in-store. Also make sure to check out my blog, for even more beauty product reviews, advice and tips.

La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is what they call pure elegance. Here’s a fun fact for you ladies: The hands are the first body part to show signs of aging, which is why using a good hand cream with SPF is super important, especially as you get older. This version from La Prairie (swoon) brightens, refines and moisturizes your hands while also preventing future aging with its broad-spectrum (that’s protection from UVA and UVB rays) sun protection. It also contains brightening ingredients that actually help with EXISTING age spots, making it kind of the perfect hand cream in one bottle. The downside is that costs a WHOPPING $155. Yikes. As much as I do love a luxury splurge, I just can NOT justify spending that much on hand cream.

Even though Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream doesn’t have the glam factor the La Prairie version has, it’s still really, really good. Just like the $155 version, the Boots hand cream has broad-spectrum SPF and also boasts ingredients to help fade age spots and fine lines…and all for only $15! If there’s ever a good splurge and steal, this is IT.

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Such a great find especially for this time of year!

Heidi D.
#1 Wishes & Reality (Homepage) on 2014-11-24 10:06 (Reply)
Thanks, Heidi!
#1.1 Jamie Stone (Homepage) on 2014-11-24 18:42 (Reply)
This will be great for cold weather!
#2 Blue Labels Boutique (Homepage) on 2014-11-24 15:06 (Reply)
Seems such a good products... This will be great for cold weather!
#3 Cammilla on 2014-11-26 22:14 (Reply)
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