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Winter Fitness Fashion: December Fabletics Review

Fabletics review

While I prefer to work out in shorts or capris, I have found myself tugging on my leggings instead due to this cold weather! And it’s important to cover up after breaking a sweat so you don’t catch a chill! Thankfully Fabletics has you covered for both your tops and bottoms. The selection of colors is endless, but I love that they have gotten more creative with paneled designs on their leggings. And I am a huge fan of the cranberry red color they have splashed their most recent lines with. So here’s what I chose this month (courtesy of Fabletics):

Fabletics review

Salar Legging in Charcoal/Silver Sports Stripe
VIP Price: $45.95
Regular: $62.95

As I have mentioned before in previous Fabletics reviews (here), I would own a pair of these leggings in every shade, pattern, design if I could. These pants fit like a glove without hindering my movements (I am wearing size small/regular). Be sure to take the time to determine the right sizing because no one wants to feel like they’re spilling out of their leggings like an over-stuffed pita, or constantly hiking them up because they don’t hug in the right places. And yes ladies, they pass the “bending over” test—no need to worry about revealing your backsides to the entire gym!

Fabletics review

Nora Jacket in Cranberry/Dark Grey
VIP: $39.95
Regular: $49.95

If you like thicker tops, this might not be the one for you. It is thin like a t-shirt but made of a stretchy material, meant to be a tighter fit. Because of this, I don’t think it would look flattering if worn in an oversized/slouchy fashion. I’m all for it because I can layer over a tank or under a bigger jacket/vest (mine is size small). The gym I work out at is always cold, so it’s nice to have a cute and light long-sleeve top to peel off once I break a good sweat! It has a grey zig-zag design on the front and back, almost like the beloved Herringbone print that seems to be on the rise in the fashion world. The shoulders are speckled with tiny grey dots while the sleeves are plain. These contrasts help accentuate that figure you work hard for, and create a jacket that is not just a functional top for fitness, but one that you won’t be ashamed to wear outside of the gym!

Fabletics continues to impress me with their quality and how frequently they produce new and fun items for their customers. It is comparable if not better than some of the top athletic brands that, in my opinion, can be well overpriced. Again, I would highly recommend becoming a VIP member if you want to appreciate good prices on a regular basis—and if you sport workout wear as often as I do!

Now, my question for Fabletics is…can a girl expect a shoe line released in the near future?!
Love this adorable look!
#1 Mel (Homepage) on 2014-12-19 08:57 (Reply)
OMG, that jacket!!! Love!!!
#2 Laura (Homepage) on 2014-12-19 09:14 (Reply)
Target has had some great deals on workout clothes lately and they are really cute too!
#3 Jessica (Homepage) on 2014-12-19 15:23 (Reply)
Fabletics is a SCAM!
Fine Print: "Please note that any membership or store credit used to pay for an order will be returned as store credit and WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND to a credit card."

So if you exchange to try a different size, and then realize nothing fits, you have lost all your money.
This is not how legitimate online retailers operate. I am trying to spread the word so other people don't fall for this like I did! What a frustrating experience.
#4 joioioi on 2015-02-20 15:20 (Reply)
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