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Summer Style Refresh: A Review of Junior’s Fashion at Kohl’s

We review Kohl's juniors fashions for summer
Hello Budget Babes! For once, I’m not in fitness gear! Dressing in normal clothes is rare for me now that I work at a gym, but I am more than happy and eager to spend (wisely of course) on summer fashion! So I have to say a big “thank you” to Kohl’s for the opportunity to pick out some of their items from their Juniors’ department—I was overwhelmed with the choice of dresses, and I honestly could have chosen four or five that I ADORED. But for the sake of variety and different tastes among our BB readers, I found a handful of items that you can build the perfect ensemble for any occasion in these sunny months ahead!

We review Kohl's juniors fashions for summer
Up by Ultra Pink Romper Dress
Sale Price 32.99
Original $48
I don’t care if guys hate rompers. Rompers forever! As long as you can find the right fit for your height, I think they can be really flattering and perfect for a lightweight summer item that you can dress up with heels and jewelry, or throw it on a swimsuit as a cover-up and pair with sandals and some sunnies. I am wearing size small in this multicolored romper.

We review Kohl's juniors fashions for summer
Candie’s Floral Lace Chiffon Maxi Dress
Sale Price $39.99
Original $68
Before I saw this dress, I had three other maxi dresses in my cart. I immediately put them at the bottom of my list once I saw this one from Candie’s. The bottom half of the skirt makes a V-shape into the chiffon lace, and don’t worry – the rest of the dress isn’t see-through! Usually I take off belts that are added to dresses or rompers like this, but I actually think the braided metallic gold belt that comes with this is the perfect contrasting accessory with the bright, feminine floral pattern. I have paired these with sandals but would highly recommend wedges too!

We review Kohl's juniors fashions for summer
SO Kimono Cardigan
Sale Price $17.90
Original $30
Hot weather and cardigans just don’t mix. And that is why the Fashion world has created kimonos! This trendy piece is functional as well, serving as the perfect cover-up when the sun goes down and you only need something light. But if you’re like me, you mostly just wear them because they look cute! I loved the arrow design on this one, and paired with the navy crop top and white shorts, I think I’ve nailed the Fourth of July outfit!

SO Textured Double V-Neck Crop Top
Sale Price $9.99
Original $24
Super basic so if you can get the sales price, go for it! Crop tops have become a necessity for summer, and there are ways of styling it so that it doesn’t come off trashy or looking like a teeny-bopper: find the correct fit and length for your shape, avoid stringy straps or extra slits/holes, and pair it with pants or a skirt to balance out the smaller fabric up top. Covering up with a kimono (like the one above) and wearing with some flirty, flowing shorts is another flirty summer combo!

Rewind Crochet Lace Shortie Shorts
Sale Price $24.99
Original $38
These are size medium, and though I think I could have fit a size small, this style of shorts should not be tight and/or too revealing. Nothing bothers me more than women or girls wearing shortie shorts in the summer that are hugging in the wrong places and not enough fabric where there needs to be. Yes it’s hot, but let’s keep it classy at the beach and on the street ladies. I love these lacey shorts in bright white for summer, plus you can make them work for a date night or just for daytime wear!

So that's what I'm loving in the juniors section at Kohl's right now. Do you shop juniors to save money on the latest trends (of course you do!) Which are your favorite pieces?

Disclosure: I received a giftcard to purchase the items reviewed in this post courtesy of Kohl's. Opinions are 100% my own.

Great review. I will have to check out Kohl's!

#1 Liv (Homepage) on 2015-06-29 11:02 (Reply)
Well, I used to hate the look of rompers but in a moment of weakness, I bought one at Wal-Mart for $8 as per BB's thumbs-up on summer wear a few weeks I have to figure out to style it for my (ahem) age-appropriate fashion style...have ideas on how to not look 18 again! I think now they can be chic and comfortable...mine is for sure! Thanks, your posts on right-on, enjoy them.
#1.1 margot on 2015-06-29 14:14 (Reply)
Oops! that phrase should have read, "do you have any additional ideas on how to style the romper so as not to look 18 again?" thanks.
#1.1.1 margot on 2015-06-29 14:18 (Reply)
Hi Margot!
I definitely understand not wanting to look 18! Haha. As far as avoiding that scenario, strappy heels or wedges would definitely amp up the sophistication for a romper as opposed to flats or sandals. Also, try accessorizing with some simple gold or silver jewelry and a small clutch. The more put-together you look, the better! 18-year-olds can be sloppy ;-) Hope this helps and thank you for your feedback!
# Kailan Kalina on 2015-07-01 07:01 (Reply)
These are great pieces! I love the romper and fun maxi!
#2 Megan (Homepage) on 2015-06-29 17:03 (Reply)
All of these are great, but i LOVE the Candies cute:)
#3 Laura (Homepage) on 2015-06-29 22:06 (Reply)
My daughter just picked up the romper you featured :-). Thanks for going up a size on the white shorts. I couldn't agree more with your comments! #keepitclassy
#4 Rebecca P in Florida on 2015-06-30 08:05 (Reply)
The blue dress is wonderful
#5 Naomi Williamson (Homepage) on 2015-07-01 07:47 (Reply)
Thanks, Kailan, I do have those accessories you mentioned...the whole outfit is looking better and better! Enjoy your blog!
#5.1 margot on 2015-07-01 12:00 (Reply)
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