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Capsule Wardrobe: Floral Blouse, Wrap Miniskirt, Heeled Boot

Build a capsule wardrobe around these three pieces under $50
Welcome back to Fashion Capsule! In this weekly segment, I'll show you how to style three items under $50 for an entire week’s worth of outfits. In this installment, I'll be working with Rosewe’s long sleeve floral blouse, Topshop’s tinsel wrap mini skirt, and Priscilla heeled boots in black.

The Pieces:

Rosewe Blouse $14
I am all about mixing feminine and edgy vibes. I also love minimalism. This blouse is great for both of those reasons. It lends itself to be either edgy or romantic. This versatility is why it’s great for inclusion in the fashion capsule. Also, the floral pattern around the neck plays the part of an accessory. Because of it, you don’t need to wear a necklace or much jewelry at all.

Topshop Miniskirt $31
While I’m normally not a fan of miniskirts, I love this one. The asymmetrical hemline is really fresh and cool. It’s like taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s handbook. If worn in a sophisticated manner, this skirt can actually lengthen your legs. A good note with miniskirts is to balance the shortness of the skirt with a long sleeve shirt.

Priscilla Heeled Boots $47
These boots are the definition of versatile. They can be worn in practically any season. The chunky heel is perfect for summer because it won’t sink into the grass. I also love the little pop of heel and toes. They’re so edgy and wonderful.

Let's get started!

The key to the success of this outfit is the interesting shapes and balance. The long sleeves of the cropped top are a perfect complement to the asymmetrical skirt. This outfit has such a European vibe as well. I think that the pink duster coat and the striped shirt just ooze the effortless chic style of any Parisian. Just add one umbrella, a scenic Eiffel Tower, and some gentle rain and you have the perfect day in Paris (or you could just wear this outfit to work!)

Yellow is my favorite color. It’s my dad’s favorite color and was my grandpa’s favorite color. He used to love when his granddaughters would wear yellow dresses. I think yellow is the perfect color for summer, for obvious reasons. The floral blouse, because of its ability to be either edgy or super-feminine, pairs really well with the skirt and shoes. Monochrome is also very trendy right now, that’s why the shoes and the skirt are so matchy-matchy. It’s a subtle edge and overt fashionista choice.

Not all summer days are bright and sunny. In fact, some days are cold and rainy. This outfit is perfect for those days. This outfit is also perfect if you’re a 1960’s folk rock sensation. The fedora with the plaid dress have just the right amount of hipster to make this outfit trendy.

I’m really digging the retro vintage look this week. Thursday is the perfect night for a concert and this look will rock that concert. Unlike last week’s concert in the park, this look is more suited for trying out a fun underground place. This outfit looks like the perfect combination for meeting an indie band and making plans to hang out with them for the weekend.

Happy Casual Friday! Boyfriend jeans are possibly my favorite type of jeans. I love the casual and laid back vibe that they project. They are practically the official jean of the cool girl. I would tuck the blouse into the boyfriend jeans and cuff the ankles of the jeans. With a sleek, middle-part ponytail this look is complete.

When I showed my friend, Ana, this outfit she said that it was way too professional for a Saturday night. However, I am a firm believer that chicness with a dash of bold accessorizing is the perfect combination for a successful evening out. The white button-up is fairly straight-laced by itself. When you add the skirt, it still looks a bit like you’re headed to a business meeting. By adding the leather-tripped jacket, the outfit gets a dose of cool. You’ve evolved passed the business meeting to a backstage pass with Adam Levine. Add the gold sequins heels and you’re one step closer to the rock and roll lifestyle. Finally, the red matte lips are like the cherry on top of the sundae that is this perfect Saturday outfit.

Versatility means being able to use the items in your closet for multiple purposes. After a night of the rock and roll lifestyle, this outfit transforms you from the black swan to the white swan. Once again, I love the monochrome aspect on doing white-on-white pieces. After watching Jason Derulo on “So You Think You Can Dance,” I have noticed that white-on-white outfits are so fly. The black version of these heeled boots are a little heavy for this outfit, so I opted for the nude version. Add a cocktail ring and you’re ready to take on your Sunday with style.

Thank you, sweet readers, for the kind feedback on last week's debut edition of Fashion Capsule, where I styled a colorblock dress, brim hat and wedge sandals for a week's worth of summery work and play outfits!

Love all these outfits. They all look distinctly different so it's amazing they are the same three pieces! Thanks again! Now to get that floral blouse... :-).
#1 Rebecca P in Florida on 2015-06-29 06:42 (Reply)
I LOVE Monday and Saturday's looks! This makes me want to shop.
#2 IteshaMarie (Homepage) on 2015-06-29 19:40 (Reply)
I just love that asymmetrical miniskirt!
#3 cole (Homepage) on 2015-06-30 04:48 (Reply)
I love this series! That asymmetrical skirt is adorable!

Wishes & Reality
#4 Heidi (Homepage) on 2015-06-30 14:59 (Reply)
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