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Capsule Wardrobe: Squad Goals

Cute and affordable outfit ideas inspired by Taylor Swift's girl squad
…And we’re back! I’m glad to be back with this week’s capsule wardrobe after a two-week hiatus. I hope all my capsulistas were as thrilled with this past week’s four-day work week as I was. To get you excited about this week’s 5-day week, I have a really great set of outfits for you. I may or may not have been inspired by a certain country pop-star turned ruler of the universe and her #girlsquad. It’s really too soon to tell. Without naming names, I decided that every day of this week will be inspired by one member of that alleged squad (giving us all #squadgoals). Also, in honor of New York’s Fashion Week, see if you can name them all (answers in the comments)!

The Pieces:

Nasty Dress Spaghetti Strap Crop Top $11
Crop tops are having a major moment, even beyond the summer months. The best way to wear a crop top without looking trashy is to balance it with high-waisted pants or skirt. You’ll get a hint of skin without it being too much.

H&M Imitation Leather Trousers $19
I think imitation leather is great for fall. It adds a bit of texture. It makes any outfit look rocker cool and glamourous at the same time.

Newlook Black Suedette Low Chelsea Boots $39
I love Chelsea boots so much. They’re so cool. They make me think about Bob Dylan in 1966. With a small heel and a sleek toe, these shoes are so amazingly versatile.

Zara Flared Dress $50

This member of the squad, and model, definitely has a cool and relaxed style. Her embrace of minimalism chic is definitely enviable, but it’s her embrace of a patterned dress that has caught my eye. While out and about with a certain Taylor Swift, this woman kept it casual-cool with a short-sleeve, patterned mini dress and black booties. She kept her hair sleek and relaxed. As we transition into the fall, crisp months, this outfit is certainly one that is versatile. The short sleeve dress is one of the most amazing transitional pieces. If the sleeves are longer than cap sleeves and hit just before the elbow, the dress makes a great piece to wear. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. The dress that I picked to mimic this squad member’s style is sleeveless, however. It would look amazing by itself or with a draped cardigan (for those breezy early mornings).

You know who can really layer like a model champ? The inspiration for Tuesday, that’s who. Even though her and I are the same age, she looks like a goddess and I still get asked if I recently graduated middle school. One thing that is entirely enviable about this woman (other than her fantastically long and lean legs) is her ability to look amazing in the cold weather. It’s all about clean lines for this model’s style, and mostly in shades of grey and black.

California cool is all you really need to know about this model. She’s been taking over the fashion world with her piercingly striking eyes and relaxed street style. She definitely knows how to rock a good boyfriend jean and some aviators. I think the secret of dressing like most of the squad is chicness. Don’t go overboard with too many colors or textures, just learn how to layer like a pro. This particular member of the squad also knows how to rock a Chelsea boot like nobody’s business. Looking through her street style pics made me want to go out and buy a great black, Chelsea boot.

As fall is fast-approaching, you will need to whip out those tights. More sheer ones are better for early fall, as thicker tights are recommended for the cold winter months. Thursday’s inspiration from the squad certainly has street style evidence that she knows how to wear tights. This winter, the cable knit is back again for the cozy-minded individuals. The secret to wearing cable knit is stay away from bulkiness. A crew neck collar is great for a sweater. This outfit also keeps it edgy with the tiniest hint of texture with the leather.

This day’s inspiration may be the most obvious to identify. With her edginess and rock star attitude, this squad member definitely has some #swag. She can certainly rock the borderline grungy casual look on the streets, and then sleeks it up for the red carpet. If you are bold enough to experiment with being inspired by this member’s street style, you can’t be shy. Definitely be bold.

This member of the squad, in my opinion, has some of the best tailored looks. She goes for dark, fashion girl choices with a vampy beauty look. I think that it’s fabulous that she is able to mix a seemingly professional look with a fun and sexy twist.

What better day than the last day of the week to be the leader of the squad? This woman definitely has an appreciation for felines and has recently embraced a more femme fatale kind of style. The cat clutch adds a bit of adorkability, but also adds some serious style cred.

Who is your favorite squad member? How does your squad dress?

VMA Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

I'm in love with Tuesday
#1 Nuclear Glitter (Homepage) on 2015-09-14 08:15 (Reply)
Monday: Martha Hunt
Tuesday: Karlie Kloss
Wednesday: Gigi Hadid
Thursday: Hailee Steinfeld
Friday: Cara Delevingne
Saturday: Lorde
Sunday: Taylor Swift
#2 Lauren (Homepage) on 2015-09-14 08:19 (Reply)
Luv Wednesday. Everything just works.
#3 FabFitClothing on 2015-09-14 10:58 (Reply)
Love this.

Think Lauren above is spot on except my guess is that Saturday = Selena Gomez.
#4 Shannon on 2015-09-14 10:59 (Reply)
I need that batwing blazer asap! Great collection!

Wishes & Reality
#5 Heidi (Homepage) on 2015-09-15 14:06 (Reply)
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