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7 Easy and Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas to DIY This Year

Seven Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are Cheap and Stylish
Happy (almost) Halloween! With the most collectively creative day of the year upon us, it’s a great time to have a budget. Sure, anyone can have a great costume when they’re shelling out hundreds of dollars on replicas and such. Why do that when you can have a capsule costume wardrobe? You can be fabulously creative with just a few basic pieces. My own costume is TBA, unless my friends agree to do ‘Hanks’oween with me (where we all dress up as Tom Hanks characters). I just really want to be an astronaut. If that falls through though, I have plenty of last-minute capsule costume ideas to choose from. Enjoy!

Choies White Boyfriend Blouse $25
You probably already own a basic white blouse, but it also doesn’t hurt to get another one. You never know what could happen at your Halloween party so having a spare white blouse that you don’t care about getting trashed.

H&M Jersey Leggings $15
You also probably have black leggings in your closet. Therefore if you’re going to add some more to your collection, make sure they’re different than your normal pair. There leggings are cool, edgy, and made of jersey so you know they’re comfortable.

Bulldog Umbrella $30
So here’s a fun tidbit about me: I have a penchant for losing umbrellas. I don’t mean to, but I always do. The umbrella could be in my hand all day and by the end of the day, it would miraculously be missing. That being said, I never spend a lot of money on umbrellas. I usually find the cheapest black one at Target and move on because I know I will basically be donating it to someone’s “Lost and Found” box. This umbrella is definitely more than I would typically spend, but it has a super cute handle. I might have to attempt to keep track of it through the night.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Carmen Sandiego

If Halloween turns out to be a chilly one, it’s probably a good idea to choose a costume with added warmth. Carmen Sandiego is a great choice! Not only does she have a coat, scarf, and gloves, but she also can be worn with a heavier turtleneck and knee-high boots. You’ll be warm and cute, while everyone else is freezing. For an added bonus, you can carry around a globe or map. Then you can pick a place out when people ask, “Where in the world are you?!"

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Mary Poppins

I’ve done this costume and I loved it! Mary Poppins is a really easy and fun costume choice. Ever since Lauren Conrad made Poppins look super cute, I’ve seen this costume repeatedly every year. It’s classic. I remember searching all over for a derby hat that looked like Conrad’s in this picture. I eventually found one at Kohl’s and was so happy. I bought red flowers and red ribbon at a craft store and was good to go. Here’s a helpful hint: Don’t use the umbrella as a sword later on in the evening. I tried this and that’s how I lost another umbrella.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Burglar

This is my emergency costume in case my Apollo 13 costume doesn’t happen. The best part about this costume is that you can wear it the next day too. For instance, if you accidentally fall asleep on someone’s couch or floor, you can walk home and not be ashamed. Take off the mask and the hat and you’ll look brunch ready!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Sleeping at Tiffany's

"Sleeping" at Tiffany's
OASIS Pointed Slippers $43

I like Halloween costumes that can double as your outfit and sleepwear. If it takes me less than 5 minutes to get ready for bed, I’m sold. This costume is essentially pajamas in my book. You can either make the eye mask yourself with supplies found at any craft store, or you can find an already made one on Etsy. Don’t forget that a messy bouffant hairstyle is important in creating the perfect Holly Golightly ensemble.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Raining Cats and Dogs

This is an extraordinarily simple costume. I once was volunteering at a nursing home and had to wear a costume for Halloween. I was running late, so I grabbed my cat ears. What I failed to realize was I was also wearing a scarf with dogs on it. It was also raining so I had my rain boots on and one of my many umbrellas. I was raining cats and dogs! I loved it and they loved it too. It’s cute. It’s simple. It also functions as sleepwear. Check, check, and check.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Mime

If you already have the pieces for burglar, you are also all set for mime. A definite addition, however, is that you must do the face makeup. It’s a detail that could make or break your costume.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Jane Lane from MTV's Daria

Recycle your Carmen coat to become Jane Lane from MTV’s “Daria.” Katy Perry did a killer version of this costume (here), complete with an asymmetrical black bob wig.

What’s your Halloween costume? Where do you search for ideas?

These are all fab ideas, but I particularly love Carmen San Diego!

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#1 Joules (Homepage) on 2015-10-28 11:57 (Reply)
Really great post! So creative!
#2 Rebecca P in Florida on 2015-10-29 10:49 (Reply)
Such a fun capsule collection! I'm going to have to be a burglar… I just waited too long to figure mine out!

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#3 Heidi on 2015-10-29 15:17 (Reply)
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