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Poll: Are French Pedicures Hot or Not?

French on toes, classy. French painted on nails (hands), classy. I'm definitely NOT a fan of acrylics and/or pink&white acrylics. (I just think natural nails look so much nicer.)
#1 M in FL on 2008-07-14 19:15 (Reply)
French toe nails are "classy" to those that also think wearing apple bottom jeans and baby phat glitter jackets is classy. 'Nough said.
#2 Peaches on 2008-07-15 09:13 (Reply)
Seriously? I love the elegant and timeless look of the french...what makes them trashy (Btw - I'm not sporting apple bottom jeans)
#3 Susan on 2008-07-15 09:23 (Reply)
Please. NO.

I think that the rise of the faux French acrylics is what has made them seem less special or interesting.
#4 Betsy on 2008-07-15 10:21 (Reply)
I agree with Betsy, they've become trashy because they are the number one choice for acrylic glue on toe nails (gross!!!) I don't usually equate "class" with something that you buy at walgreens in a plastic box for $2.99. French manicures on nails should be left for those who work in strip clubs, and appear on "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels.
#5 Peaches on 2008-07-15 11:50 (Reply)
Really, Ladies....French is very passe and has become the staple for strippers and soccer moms. As a matter of fact, its all my mom wears with rhinestones across her large toe - now that's just screams CLASS, right?

If you want something natural, go for a nice natural pale pale pale pink. Even for us black chicks, the color works as a great nude and is timeless.

Just leave off the rhinestones and fake toe-nails - ugh!!!!
#6 TexNYQueen on 2008-07-15 15:47 (Reply)
french on acrylics - ugh. i also prefer pale polish to french nails. the original idea was good, but i hate the super long nails that are filed straight across so they look square, on fingers, not toes. toes are supposed to be filed straight across, right? anyhow i like color on my toes in summer so that's where i splurge on teal, coral and red. summers are short in the midwest and that's when the fun clothes come out and color rules. come sept or oct it's back to black!
#7 maggie z on 2008-07-16 10:29 (Reply)
How funny, I did a similar post a short time back -- personally think they are the height of tack. I'd do a sheer pink or nude any day!
#8 Always In Style (Homepage) on 2008-07-17 14:01 (Reply)
I saw this totally beautiful girl who was natural head to almost feet cuz' she had a french pedicure and I thought why spoil perfection??? I don't like too much fake stuff on a woman, natural is always best if u got it like that!!
#9 dude on 2008-10-22 18:24 (Reply)
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