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Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider Review

Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider Review - Best Budget Glider for a Small Nursery
I wanted to do something a little different this morning and share my experience with the Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider. I know I'm not a mommy blogger per se but I like to cover budget decor, and this glider is available at Target for just $250. (For the uninitiated, a Pottery Barn glider can cost upwards of $1,000.) With my first child, I didn't get a glider...well-meaning friends told me I'd nurse wherever, and that a glider wasn't necessary. But I'm here to say that a good glider is absolutely essential, especially in those first few weeks when all you're doing is feeding your baby, changing diapers...and snuggling of course! So a few weeks before I was due with baby number two, I decided to bite the bullet and order the Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider from I had sat in it in store, loved the look and feel, and felt it would be just the right size for my super small space.

I sent out a quick tweet before clicking "purchase" and the kind folks at Delta Children saw my tweet and generously offered to gift me a glider instead. But don't worry - this isn't a sponsored post! I was grateful to get the glider as a gift but I definitely would have purchased this on my own. And now that I've lived with it for over 5 months and used it on a daily basis, I can say with certainty that I would definitely purchase this glider again - no doubt about it.

Here's why I love it: First of all, I have a toddler, so I needed a "safe" place to nurse my newborn. Parents with toddlers will understand why...2 year olds have a lot of energy and like to climb furniture and demand your attention when you are the most busy with other things. This glider, with it's tall back and tall arms, provides a sort of safe haven/barrier between you and your toddler when you're nursing. And you will be nursing A LOT.

Secondly, it's super comfortable. Following delivery, you will be sore and need time for recovery, and a soft, cushy glider is exactly what you need. With my first, I was constantly arranging and rearranging cushions and pillows either on the couch or another equally uncomfortable chair we already owned, and it was always awkward and uncomfortable. I kept saying I should just get a glider, but I wasn't sure how long I'd use it, so I waited. And waited. Big mistake! Just get a glider before baby arrives. You'll thank me later.

Finally, I love the style and the look of this ecru glider. For the photos you see here, I pushed all the toys, dirty clothes, and other debris that accumulates when you have two young kids to the side of the room, and styled the chair with some soft gray and white items for the purpose of this photo. Trust me, it never looks this tidy. Ever. But I wanted to show how the chair fits with a modern classic theme. You could style this chair any way you like, whether your style is bohemian, feminine, traditional or trendy. I actually keep my glider in the living room and I love how it blends into the overall decor. This is a chair you could keep long after baby is grown. It's great for bedtime stories and cuddling, too!

Overall, the chair has held up really well. I've had no issues with the rocking mechanism which is smooth and silent (and this is after the delivery guy rolled it up my driveway! Boy was I livid LOL). I've been able to spot clean it easily with a little soapy water and a brush. And I don't panic when my toddler wipes honey on it or spills milk on it because it's priced at a very reasonable $250.

I've looked at dozens of gliders and rocking chairs and sat in dozens more at every baby store and tag sale you can imagine, and I honestly didn't find a glider I loved more in this price range. I think the Clermont rivals many of its more expensive counterparts, too, for both quality and style.

My only complaint is that it's a bit hard to get up from this really need to use your ab muscles if you're holding your baby and trying to get up without waking him to put them in their crib or something. An ottoman would be a nice addition but not necessary. (A $5 IKEA stepstool will do.) My other complaint is that the tall arms are both a curse and a blessing. Initially my newborn fit perfectly in my arms within the armrests...then he reached an size where he seemed to stretch from one side to the other and would kick and push while nursing...but now he's back to fitting just fine. It's tough to explain. My advice is to sit in many gliders before you buy to see which one fits your height and nursing style. I used the football hold for the first couple weeks and this glider was great for that. Now I do cross-cradle or cradle hold. I usually have my Breastfriend Pillow (seriously a MUST-HAVE) when I'm at home and that helps us get in the best, most comfy position.

The bottom line: If you have a small space and tight budget, I highly recommend the Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider. Heck even if you have a big budget and lots of space, this is an awesome glider! Get one for your living room and one for the nursery. You'll use it so much, it's worth the cost even if you only use it those first few weeks of nursing a newborn. The stress of having a newborn - especially for first time moms - can be intense, as can be the stress of nursing round the clock. Whether you're nursing or bottle feeding, you will love having a glider. Anything to make that process more comfortable and more enjoyable for you and baby is worth it, in my opinion. I love this glider and wish I had it for baby number one.

Thanks again to Delta Children for the generous gift! Baby thanks you, too.

Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider Review - Best Budget Glider for a Small Nursery

Shown here: Delta Children 'Clermont' Glider c/o // Trumpette Howdy Cow c/o // T.J.Maxx Pillow // IKEA Sheepskin // Target Threshold Throw // Homegoods End Table // Starburst Mirror
So lovely!
#1 Monika on 2016-04-26 11:36 (Reply)
Loved your review. Makes me want this glider in my living room... and my kids are in elementary school!
#2 MichelleP on 2016-04-26 13:43 (Reply)
Thanks! Actually it would make a great living room chair just for reading or watching Netflix. :-)
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2016-04-27 07:46 (Reply)
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