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Pixi by Petra Multibalm Review + Giveaway!

Win a set of 5 multibalms from Pixi by Petra on!
I feel like it's been ages since I've hosted a giveaway on the blog, so when Pixi by Petra sent me a set of their new Multibalms, I knew I wanted to give you ladies a chance to try them for yourself! I've gushed about these over on my Snapchat...the Baby Petal is my favorite - a super subtle natural-looking pink - because they're basically foolproof, yet make a noticeable difference by highlighting lips and cheeks with a hint of color. Here's what Pixi has to say about their new Multibalms, available for $12 each at Target and

"This multiuse, crème-powder formula awakens by adding a touch of colour to the face. Infused with aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil to protect. Paraben free. Not tested on animals."

Here's what I'm giving away to one lucky reader (a $60 value!):
1 Wild Rose
1 Baby Petal
1 Soft Strawberry
1 Watermelon Veil
1 Sheer Sculpt

More about Pixi by Petra:

Pixi by Petra launched 17 years ago in London and is owned and developed by Petra Strand, a renowned makeup artist and creative product developer. Our philosophy is to be flawless in a few fuss-free minutes, and our innovative beauty and skincare products are infused with skin-loving ingredients to not only bring out but also preserve your natural beauty.

Why I love it:

I was totally on board with becoming a Pixi by Petra brand ambassador because I've been a fan of this line ever sine they launched at Target. From the chic packaging (love that pistachio green with rose gold!) to the high-quality performance, it's one of my go-tos. Petra Strand definitely understands what moms (or "mums" as she might say) need...multitasking products that are easy to use and give you a natural look.

To enter:

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter...and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Pixi by Petra for partnering with us on this post! Opinions are 100% my own. Giveaway is open to continental U.S., 18 years and older.

I don't have a multitasking beauty product. I'm looking though.
#1 Davina W. on 2016-08-10 08:30 (Reply)
What a fun giveaway! Thanks BB!
#2 Monica Costa on 2016-08-10 08:34 (Reply)
Favorite multitasking item would be aquaphor. Love it for lip balm, chapped skin, and multi other things. Love it!
#3 Teresa Li on 2016-08-10 08:34 (Reply)
Such a fun giveaway! Love these products.
#4 Erica (Homepage) on 2016-08-10 08:50 (Reply)
Ooooh favourite multi tasking product....Would have to be the Makeup Revolution highlights. I'm not too sure if they're inended for multi tasking but they make great eyeshadows!

As do some of the mac MSFs
#5 Eloise (Homepage) on 2016-08-10 08:56 (Reply)
Hmm, favorite multitasker... I don't really have anything I use that way currently! I guess some of my lipsticks COULD be used that way, so I'll go with that. :-P
#6 Sandra on 2016-08-10 09:24 (Reply)
Love pixi! Just bought some eyeliners from they & they're great! My favorite thing to use as a multitasking product would have to be using a cream blush as a little bit of lip color.
#7 Kayla on 2016-08-10 09:28 (Reply)
My favorite multi tasking product is the rms beauty uncover-up. It doubles as both a cover up and a foundation.
#8 Megan on 2016-08-10 09:29 (Reply)
Naked palette with blush, highlighter and bronzer
#9 Emma Helms on 2016-08-10 09:53 (Reply)
All of these shades are so pretty!! Recently falling in love with Pixi products
#10 Meghan on 2016-08-10 09:54 (Reply)
These look amazing!
#11 Anita on 2016-08-10 10:04 (Reply)
I love these types blush sticks. My favorite was a gel stick from Skin Alison Raffaele--it was so awesome but discontinued years ago now :/ As a result, I'm always excited when new blush sticks come on the market!
#12 SD on 2016-08-10 10:05 (Reply)
I've been wanting to try this line after hearing so many positive things. I am all about using lip and cheek stains in one!
#13 Lisa on 2016-08-10 10:06 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking makeup would probably be my duo bronzer it has a light side and and dark side not just good for your cheeks but can add shimmer to your eyes or lips!!
#14 Lorissa on 2016-08-10 10:18 (Reply)
I've been wanting to try these!
#15 Rose on 2016-08-10 10:33 (Reply)
I love Pixi's Glow Tonic! I use it every day. I would love to try out these Multibalm sticks.
#16 Jennifer on 2016-08-10 10:45 (Reply)
Oh, these balms are intriguing!

I love Laura Geller Bronze and Brighten for a quick multi-tasker.
#17 Kristin S (Homepage) on 2016-08-10 10:47 (Reply)
I don't think I have a great multi-tasking product - but I'm loving the other comments so I can get some ideas of products to try out!
#18 Kaci on 2016-08-10 11:21 (Reply)
My fave multitasking product is tinted moisturizer with spf. I apply one thing in the morning and it's foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one.
#19 stacey on 2016-08-10 11:22 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking product is currently Benefit's Benetint for cheeks and lips. :-)
#20 Chelsea on 2016-08-10 11:23 (Reply)
I adore the Pixi SkinTreats line but have yet to try any of their makeup. These look fun!
#21 Dannell on 2016-08-10 11:38 (Reply)
I don't have many multi tasking beauty products, so I definitely want to try this one! I do use the smith's rosebud salve as a multi tasker though -- lip balm, cuticles, dry elbows, even on scrapes and burns to help them heal quicker!
#22 Emily M on 2016-08-10 12:03 (Reply)
Coconut oil. I love it on my hair and my skin.
#23 Rachel on 2016-08-10 12:18 (Reply)
I think bronzer, is my favorite multi-tasking beauty product.
#24 Colleen Inman on 2016-08-10 12:24 (Reply)
Lip tints are my favorite multi-tasking product. You can use them on your lips (of course) and for blush and a wash of color on your eyes.
#25 Julie (Homepage) on 2016-08-10 12:37 (Reply)
Tinted sunscreen
#26 Matt on 2016-08-10 12:49 (Reply)
Thanks for the give away! Here's hoping I win. Would love to try some Pixie products.
P.S. Love your instagram!
#27 Mandy Ryll on 2016-08-10 13:59 (Reply)
Wicked excited for this! I'm a recent convert to their glow tonic, and love everything Pixi that I've tried.
#28 Kristen on 2016-08-10 14:01 (Reply)
I love highlighters - they can be used for eyeshadow as well! :-)
#29 Stacy Z on 2016-08-10 14:15 (Reply)
I love a tinted moisturizer with spf like one from Bare Minerals
#30 Denise M on 2016-08-10 14:34 (Reply)
These remind me of NARS The Multiple sticks, which are my favorite makeup multi-taskers!
#31 Kim Pincombe Cole on 2016-08-10 15:15 (Reply)
Lip and cheek stains
#32 KM on 2016-08-10 15:22 (Reply)
Perfect! Great giveaway
#33 CL on 2016-08-10 15:34 (Reply)
Beautiful colors!
#34 Katy on 2016-08-10 15:48 (Reply)
I like using bronzer for my face and for an easy eyeshadow.
#35 Julie on 2016-08-10 16:21 (Reply)
I love multi-tasking products and can't wait to try these.
#36 Lori on 2016-08-10 16:35 (Reply)
I love a bronzer! I can use it to contour, like a blush or on my eyes!
#37 Ashley C on 2016-08-10 16:44 (Reply)
Love this line! So natural and yet provides color.
#38 Yeni on 2016-08-10 17:00 (Reply)
I use a couple things almost daily for multitasking, a Clinique chubby blush stick that is great on lips as well as cheeks and I've often dabbed shimmery eyeshadow on top of my cheeks and under brow bones for highlighter.
#39 Teresa Perry on 2016-08-10 17:27 (Reply)
I was longing yo try but it was too expensive for me. So glad to see the giveaway.
Best of luck to all
#40 Jale on 2016-08-10 17:41 (Reply)
I love Aquaphor! So good for lips, cuticles...
#41 Kristin on 2016-08-10 17:46 (Reply)
I've never tried anything from Pixi although several products have been calling my name, these look fantastic for an easy summer pick-me-up!
Thanks for the giveaway!
#42 Susan on 2016-08-10 17:46 (Reply)
I'm not sure if I have a favorite multitasking product, unless you count brozer which I use in my crease and on my cheeks, but I love the idea of these!
#43 Kassie on 2016-08-10 17:49 (Reply)
I would have to say my favorite is the Pixi's Glow Tonic
#44 Stephanie Phelps on 2016-08-10 19:19 (Reply)
I haven't tried this line. I would love to win this and try it.
Thank you for the opportunity.
#45 Anita Rudzinski on 2016-08-10 19:59 (Reply)
I've heard such great things about this brand! Can't wait to try these!
#46 Caity Bond on 2016-08-10 20:45 (Reply)
My favorite multitasker is Smith's Rosebud Salve!
#47 Erin on 2016-08-10 20:54 (Reply)
My fave multitasker is Benefit's Benetint :-)
#48 Brooke on 2016-08-10 20:57 (Reply)
I do not use any multitasking products regularly. However I have been without my makeup bag and needed makeup and used my lipstick as a cheek color as well as my lipstick.
#49 Christy Peeples DuBois on 2016-08-10 23:01 (Reply)
I don't own any multi tasking beauty products sadly!
#50 Rachel Beltz (Homepage) on 2016-08-11 03:15 (Reply)
My favorite multitasker is coconut oil.
#51 Michelle Castagne on 2016-08-11 03:23 (Reply)
My fav multi tasking product is probably lip balm or a soft gold/pink highlighter.
#52 Alice @Real Chic Real Cheap (Homepage) on 2016-08-11 03:52 (Reply)
I wish I knew more about using multi-tasking items. I've tried using bronzer, but not had great results. I'd love to try these Pixi!
#53 Judy S. on 2016-08-11 04:38 (Reply)
Ohhh...multitasking products. Love to try!
#54 chrisi on 2016-08-11 04:52 (Reply)
Sometimes I use my eyeliner pencil to fill in my eyebrows.
#55 Cynthia C on 2016-08-11 06:16 (Reply)
I like using highlighters as eyeshadow also!
#56 April on 2016-08-11 06:25 (Reply)
These look amazing! Can't wait to try them.
#57 Maria on 2016-08-11 07:44 (Reply)
I don't currently have a multi tasking product that I use but this would be great way to introduce myself to this type of product! Thanks for the chance to win!
#58 Krystle Lynch on 2016-08-11 07:53 (Reply)
I don't always wear makeup, but when I do, it's Pixi
#59 Maricel (Homepage) on 2016-08-11 08:23 (Reply)
I use my bronzer for blush as well as contouring
#60 kesha on 2016-08-11 08:51 (Reply)
I like rosebud salve for cheeks and lips.
#61 Lauren on 2016-08-11 08:58 (Reply)
I love these types of products that can be used for both cheeck and even some other areas of the face.
#62 marly l arguello (Homepage) on 2016-08-11 09:51 (Reply)
i'm still in love with clinique's black honey "lipstick" - it's like a tinted lip balm so that i get both color and non-dry lips!
#63 Lynda on 2016-08-11 09:58 (Reply)
BB cream is definitely my fave multitasking beauty product so far. I use Missha M Perfect's lightweight but does a remarkable job of covering.
#64 Dagni on 2016-08-11 10:04 (Reply)
I was just looking at this brand's glow tonic and would love to try some of their products! I've used clinique multitasking products, but have never have really used them everyday.
#65 Amy Thees on 2016-08-11 10:18 (Reply)
Hello! I have used a few multi purpose cosmetic products; especially, in the line of blusher/lip balm... I didn't know these fabulous Pixi products existed, and I thank you for the informative article! I woul share at least one of them with my niece...
Many thanks to you!
#66 Cindi Hoppes on 2016-08-11 10:36 (Reply)
My fav multitask product at the moment is Josie Maran's Argan Creamy Oil
#67 Chyrisse on 2016-08-11 10:57 (Reply)
My favorite multi-tasking product at the moment are the Cover FX Drops. You can put them in your foundation for luminousity or use as a highlight, eyeshadow or liptint.
#68 Shannon Weel on 2016-08-11 11:57 (Reply)
I love balms. Have been wanting to try this. I will, even if I don't win!
#69 Debra Rountree on 2016-08-11 12:27 (Reply)
I have a cream blush that I also sometimes apply on my lips.
#70 Elle on 2016-08-11 12:32 (Reply)
These look amazing! I swim on my lunch break and am looking for a product that i can use for multiple things and this looks like it would be perfect!
#71 kate on 2016-08-11 13:17 (Reply)
Favorite multiuse product is the Maskara palette for contouring.
#72 Tahrer (Homepage) on 2016-08-11 14:48 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking product would be Vaseline! I use it for dry skin areas, on my feet, and for lip gloss.
#73 Dena on 2016-08-11 15:52 (Reply)
The Pixi Eye Bright kit (with 4 shades of concealer) is a nice multitasker...I use two of the darker concealer shades as eyeshadow.
#74 Jan on 2016-08-11 18:16 (Reply)
I like Shiseido Makeup Translucent Loose Powder.
#75 DJ on 2016-08-11 21:06 (Reply)
My highlighter!
#76 Ashley B. on 2016-08-11 22:15 (Reply)
I use my coverup as a light foundation in the summer!
#77 Nicole Ackerman on 2016-08-11 22:36 (Reply)
My clear mascara multitasks as hair gel to keep flyaways under control!
#78 Marisa on 2016-08-11 23:06 (Reply)
One of my multitasking beauty product is What about Them Apples? from The Balm Cosmetics. Lipcolor and blush :-)
#79 Novi (Homepage) on 2016-08-12 02:08 (Reply)
I'm curious to try these. Thanks for the giveaway!
#80 Katherine on 2016-08-12 03:37 (Reply)
Haven't tried these but dying to have one .. I like multasking things cause I can budget space for your pouch.. hopefully
#81 Yvonne Heart Valle (Homepage) on 2016-08-12 03:47 (Reply)
Play 101 sticks by Etude House! They have sooo many colors and finishes to choose from, they screw up so you don't have to sharpen them, and they can be applied anywhere on your face--so they work as eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, blush, highlight, contour, lipstick, lip liner, etc.
#82 Sarah yang on 2016-08-12 05:43 (Reply)
Haven't tried these yet but just recently discovered Pixi products and am loving them!

As for my favorite multi-tasking beauty item - I'd say my tinted sunscreen!
#83 Danielle on 2016-08-12 10:33 (Reply)
To date, my favourite multi-tasking product has been NARS The Multiple which is why I'd be interested in trying out the Pixi multi balms.
#84 Melissa | Suitcase + Heels (Homepage) on 2016-08-12 12:58 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking beauty product is a single brown eyeshadow that I also use as a root coverup in between hair color.
#85 Shelly Taylor on 2016-08-12 15:24 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking beauty product is Biossance! I can use it on my face to moisturize, repair and help with dark circles, lips to soothe chapping and uneven texture, body to help with sunburn and to make my skin softer! I love it.

Thank you so much for the giveaway and the chance!
#86 Brooke Taylor on 2016-08-12 16:42 (Reply)
I like to use my bronzer as eye shadow!
#87 Kris M on 2016-08-12 17:31 (Reply)
I love benetint that is both a long-lasting lip color and a blush!
#88 Liz on 2016-08-12 19:27 (Reply)
I love Vaseline. I use it as a make up remover and moisturizer.
#89 Susan Chester on 2016-08-12 20:14 (Reply)
Lipstick. It can be blush, eyeshadow or lip!
#90 Kaila on 2016-08-12 20:47 (Reply)
Coconut oil! It's a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, lip balm and makeup remover in my household. Plus, it takes my grilled pineapple kabobs to the next level!
#91 MichelleP on 2016-08-13 07:58 (Reply)
Mine is bronzer.
#92 Tracy Shafer on 2016-08-13 10:24 (Reply)
I use coconut oil for conditioning the ends of my air, rubbing on dry elbows, and removing eye make up. It's a wonder product!
#93 Brooke (Homepage) on 2016-08-13 10:58 (Reply)
I don't have a multitasking product but I'd love to find one. I carry a small purse so using it on the go would be perfect.
#94 Leah davis on 2016-08-13 11:24 (Reply)
I've never met a Pixi product that I didn't like. Thanks for the giveaway.
#95 JoAnn Moran on 2016-08-13 11:36 (Reply)
Probably Colourpop Highlighters and The Balm Mary Loumanizer since they can be used for eyeshadow too.
#96 Jamie Rose (Homepage) on 2016-08-13 12:41 (Reply)
I use a lip and cheek stains all in one currently.
#97 Susan Smith on 2016-08-13 15:10 (Reply)
Love Pixi! I use their glow tonic almost twice a day! I currently use a golden shimmery eyeshadow as my highlight.
#98 Julie on 2016-08-13 18:13 (Reply)
Would love to win!
#99 Catherine Horvath on 2016-08-13 19:34 (Reply)
I love to use Smith's rose balm for highlighter on my eyelids, cheeks, and, of course, lip balm!
#100 Natalie G on 2016-08-13 20:11 (Reply)
My favorite mutlitasking product is vaseline, I can take a small jar with me to use on my lips, hands, cuticles and to clean up some makeup mistakes.
#101 Nelle on 2016-08-13 21:06 (Reply)
the bronzer!!
#102 jessica on 2016-08-14 09:24 (Reply)
I like a lip balm that can double as a cheek stain. Great for travel.
#103 Mary W on 2016-08-14 14:16 (Reply)
Lately it would have to be the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All In One Palette.
#104 Rosie A (HEATHER) on 2016-08-14 18:30 (Reply)
I don't have a multitasking product but I'd love to find one.
#105 DeAnna Keller on 2016-08-14 21:14 (Reply)
I love RMS Lip2Cheek in any colors especially demure ad beloved.
#106 Paol Trenny on 2016-08-14 22:08 (Reply)
I love Jane Iredale's cream blush which also doubles as a lovely eyeshadow.
#107 Gabrielle on 2016-08-14 23:53 (Reply)
my concealer
#108 jeanette sheets on 2016-08-15 00:21 (Reply)
I like a good lip/cheek product. Right now I'm enjoying the one by Bobbi Brown.
#109 Zoey on 2016-08-15 04:46 (Reply)
i love multi-tasking skincare (e.g., bb cream). thanks for the giveaway!
#110 christina c on 2016-08-15 05:15 (Reply)
I love a good multibalm!!
#111 Mina on 2016-08-15 08:46 (Reply)
My favorite multi-tasking product is shea butter. Works great as a moisturizer for both hair and skin.
#112 Brandi on 2016-08-15 11:42 (Reply)
I use coconut oil everyday and for various beauty uses.
#113 Lyndsey R. on 2016-08-15 15:44 (Reply)
I have a blush palette that has a shade that is way too brown for my face, but it looks cool on my eyes!
#114 Kayte CookWatts on 2016-08-15 16:34 (Reply)
Thanks for putting together a great giveaway!
#115 Emily J on 2016-08-15 22:45 (Reply)
My favorite would be Pur Moonlightlight Glow Highlight Palette.
#116 Trinh Quinonez on 2016-08-16 02:14 (Reply)
My favorite multi-tasking product is my bronzer.
#117 Kristi C on 2016-08-16 02:50 (Reply)
I like lip/cheek stains :-)
#118 leslie richman on 2016-08-16 09:55 (Reply)
Multi-tasking beauty product? Hmm tough question - maybe coconut oil? I use it on my lips, skin, hair, dinner...! =)
#119 Abigail on 2016-08-16 12:37 (Reply)
For me, I don't use too many products that multitask. I suppose, my moisturizer, with sunscreen.
#120 Kathy Davis on 2016-08-16 18:15 (Reply)
It would have to be coconut oil - it's so versatile!
#121 Melissa Lee on 2016-08-17 02:58 (Reply)
mine using blush as eyeshadow
#122 joe gersch on 2016-08-17 04:02 (Reply)
I don't really have any but I do love a nice lipstick that doubles as blush!
#123 natasha lamoreux on 2016-08-17 11:01 (Reply)
I dont really have a multi-tasking product. my lip balm also serves as lip gloss.
#124 Trisha McKee on 2016-08-17 12:16 (Reply)
I love my bronzer I also often use as my eyeshadow
#125 Tina Reynolds on 2016-08-17 16:39 (Reply)
favorite multitasking beauty product is lip gloss
#126 Amy Deeter on 2016-08-17 20:06 (Reply)
Tinted Sunscreen is the best! :-)
#127 Laura on 2016-08-17 20:55 (Reply)
My favorite multitasking makeup is my Tart Cheek Stain. I love being able to use it on my cheeks as well as my lips.
#128 Laurie Emerson on 2016-08-17 21:18 (Reply)
I wasn't able to see who the winner is. I am probably computer illiterate.
#129 Anita on 2016-08-19 07:25 (Reply)
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