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Target is Getting Rid of Merona and Mossimo, Adding 12 New Lines

A New Day is just one of the many new fashion brands launching at Target this fall.
At the start of July, Target announced it would be getting rid of its longtime beloved brands Merona and Mossimo Men's and phasing in 12 new brands to entice shoppers, so I wanted to dedicate a post to the topic so you have a place to sound off.

August 25, 2017 update: According to, Target is only getting rid of the Men's Mossimo division.

If you're a Target addict like me, this sad news probably came as a shock. In the press release where you can read more details, Target didn't suggest that Merona and Mossimo were unperforming, but rather, that they saw an opportunity for growth in phasing these lines out and introducing something new.

So what can we expect in the fall?

A New Day (shown above) is a versatile women's brand coming in September with a modern take on a classic aesthetic. Pieces will take you from work to weekend.

Goodfellow & Co. is just one of the many new fashion brands launching at Target this fall.
Goodfellow & Co. will be a new modern-meets-classic line of men’s clothing, accessories and shoes—available in September.

Joy Lab is just one of the many new fashion brands launching at Target this fall.
JoyLab, launching in October, will be a new fashion-forward athleisure label.

Project 62 is just one of the many new decor brands launching at Target this fall.
Project 62 is a modern home brand coming in September.

So there you have it guys. I love when Target introduces new lines, don't get me wrong. I feel like I see a new end cap featuring a new collaboration on just about every trip I take, from stationary to luggage. But I will reserve judgement until I see the new clothes.

I did not feel like Mossimo and Merona were homogenous at all. Mossimo did a good job copying higher end brands with an edgy, city feel while Merona did a fantastic job copying classic higher end labels like J.Crew and Banana Republic. I feel like they both presented a very clear, concise viewpoint. If I wanted a Rails plaid shirt lookalike, I could turn to Mossimo. Printed pineapple shorts? Merona.

I'm also eager to hear more about Knox Rose - no mention of this brand in the Target press release - which continues to occupy more and more floor space at my local Target store.

Oh, and for the record, I hate the new name "A New Day" for the new women's label. Just awful. #amiright

Your thoughts on Target's big new moves?

Photo Credit: Target

Project 62 and JoyLab look amazing! Can't wait to see them get launched
#1 Kay Nguyen (Homepage) on 2017-08-01 08:06 (Reply)
Thanks for bringing us this info! I'd left a comment on your previous post so I won't reiterate that, but I have to say that I just don't get it!
From my experience, Target has such a loyal customer base who love what they currently carry. You always hear/read the variations of "walked into Target for toothpaste and walked out with $100 less than before", or something, lol. Why mess with that? I can see a new brand here and there, but a complete overhaul? I will, of course, be checking it out and giving it a chance, but it just makes no sense to me!
Yes, I hate "A New Day", too. I don't like that this would potentially be the brand I'd have to look to (work to weekend). Thanks again!
#2 Elizabeth on 2017-08-01 08:23 (Reply)
Also wanted to add, I agree with another comment that Joy Lab and Project 62 look fun. I think I am more open to change in other departments like the workout gear and home stuff because I buy those things occasionally...vs every time I go into Target (or online!) I'm constantly checking out Merona and Mossimo.
#2.1 Elizabeth on 2017-08-01 08:26 (Reply)
So cute choice, thanks for sharing
New post:
#3 the pink pineapple (Homepage) on 2017-08-01 08:24 (Reply)
Ohhh that floral top is CUTE. And I think I can swing those grid joggers in my casual-side-of-business-casual office.
Joylab looks cute and Project62 looks wonderful! I might be the exact target audience for these new brands.

... not gonna lie though, A New Day makes me think of the WWE team...
#4 Caitlin on 2017-08-01 09:07 (Reply)
While I'm looking forward to the new home line, I wish they would simply add the new clothing brands into the mix w/o getting rid of Mossimo/Merona just yet and see which brands perform better or maybe just continue with a smaller "collection" each season from the brands rather than the entire floor. I agree w/ you on everything and love both brands for the exact reason. Ya, the "A New Day" name, not insert eye roll lol
#5 Tracy (Homepage) on 2017-08-01 15:40 (Reply)
I'll sorely miss my favorite Mossimo Supply Co tri-blend t-shirts! But at least the new athleisure line looks promising. Just hope they don't mess with Knox Rose... I love getting my Free People vibe at a Target price.
#6 Michelle P on 2017-08-01 19:18 (Reply)
BTW - Am I the only one who thinks "A New Day" sounds like an SNL skit for a feminine hygiene product? #maybeitsjustme
#7 Michelle P on 2017-08-01 19:24 (Reply)
Nailed it!
#7.1 mo on 2017-08-07 13:12 (Reply)
I totally agree: not only do I hate the name "A New Day", the branding/logo is awful! I see how they were trying to be 'clever' with the font and the letter placement, but it just comes off looking cheesy and dated.
#8 Mia on 2017-08-02 09:47 (Reply)
I feel like this is tale as old as time. A retailer works for years, even decades, to cultivate a customer base and then feels like they're in a rut. Then they change everything and alienate their entire customer base in the process. I really think that if they had researched this/had focus groups this wouldn't have been the outcome.

Heidi || Wishes & Reality
#9 Heidi on 2017-08-02 10:26 (Reply)
I was curious to hear your take considering your background working in the industry. I saw people commenting on the Target Facebook page saying, "if it ain't broke don't fix it." I'm just really curious to see how this all plays out.
#9.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-08-04 06:30 (Reply)
BB, this is Target Addict. For some reason, your blog won't allow me to post under that name anymore. Anyway, I visited Target today and guess what? The new brand (A New Day) is JUST like Merona! [or at least really darn similar!!]. So I would call this more of a 'rebranding' than anything else. Would be really interested to hear your take on this once the new brand hits stores near you! :-)
#9.1.1 Mia on 2017-08-05 15:05 (Reply)
No kidding, it's already in your store!? Thanks for the scoop! That's really funny if it's just Merona under a new name. Couldn't they have picked a better name?

Also thanks for the heads up on not being able to use Target Addict, that's strange...maybe some spam filter? I apologize. I'll ask my tech team (aka my husband) if he has any ideas on what could be causing that.
# The Budget Babe on 2017-08-06 07:16 (Reply)
I also saw A New Day in store, and I thought it looked like a hybrid of Merona and Mossimo at similar price points. I'm not sure if it was because it's still rolling out, but it doesn't appear that they'll have basics like Merona and Mossimo do though. I hope thats to come later!
# Cat on 2017-08-07 19:01 (Reply)
Interesting, thanks for this!
# The Budget Babe on 2017-08-09 07:09 (Reply)
You can't beat Target prices. I think it's good to mix it up every so often.
#10 carla (Homepage) on 2017-08-02 18:55 (Reply)
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