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My Walmart Fall Haul: $19 Sherpa Fleece, $8 Henleys, $22 Utility Jacket and More

The coziest sherpa fleece pullover! Just $19.96 at Walmart! Looks like one at Nordstrom for $78
This Saturday after my daughter's 4-month checkup, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a new laundry hamper and some tortillas. Naturally, I couldn't resist cruising through the clothing department and I'm so glad I did! New fall arrivals are in and I found a lot to love!

Everything I got is from the new Time and Tru line which, as you may have noticed, I'm kind of a big fan of! Yes I ended a sentence with a preposition but I'm just that excited. Case you missed it, you can see what I ordered from recently in this post.

What I'm not a huge fan of is's low- to non-existent inventory. I've tried to link up everything I saw for you in stores, but if your size it unavailable online, I recommend checking your nearest store.

Okay, so let's jump right in: Above, you'll see my favorite find. It's the softest, warmest sherpa fleece pullover ever. Fits TTS, wearing size small. Arms were a bit short (I'm 5'8" for reference) and I won't be able to layer more than a long-sleeve tee underneath. But for $19.96 I couldn't pass it up! Reminds me of this fleece I've wanted from Nordstrom that costs four times as much.

Buy the fleece pullover HERE.

Next up, I bought this plaid shirt. Fits TTS, wearing size small. You could size up if you want a mover oversized fit. I just love the colors in this plaid, and I wear a lot of plaid in the fall and winter. Just $13.94. Also loved the black and white check version of this shirt but already own one similar.

Buy the plaid shirt HERE.

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

Next I tried on this smocked floral top. Also comes in solids but I thought the print was the prettiest. Kinda boho and fun and flattering and feminine! Also fits TTS, wearing the small. Just $13.94. Ultimately I passed on this because I had to limit my spending but it's super cute.

Buy the smocked floral top HERE.

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

Next up, this camo henley. Just $8.96. I was worried about these shrinking in the wash so I got them in size LARGE. I also just wanted a looser fit that would be easier to nurse in (lift up). Personal preference. These will be cute with vests, cardigans or alone with jeans. Speaking of jeans, please excuse the extremely cropped pair I'm wearing here. I just grabbed these off the rack and didn't have time to change but they are clearly too short on me. But super soft and comfy, Signature by Levi Strauss - really good denim brand under $20!

Buy the camo henley HERE.

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

I also picked up the henley in this pretty autumnal floral with shades of mustard yellow, burgundy and forest green. I love that this whole fall line can be mixed and matched thanks to the complementary prints and color palette. Makes it easier to throw something on and still look somewhat put together!

Buy the floral henley HERE.

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

You guys, this jacket is so good! If I didn't already own like 5 just like it, I would have scooped it up! Seems sturdy, with pockets, a hood, drawstring waist, nice length too. For $22.96, it's a steal - similar jackets at mall stores easily cost double. Comes in other colors, too, like navy and dark purple.

Buy the utility jacket HERE.

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

And that's about it! I got the henley in white and mustard yellow, as well as this cardigan for $13.96 (which I forgot to photograph). There was also an awesome camo button-front shirt but I couldn't find it online.

Follow along on Instagram as I'll be sharing more styling tips and outfit ideas with these pieces as the season progresses!

This blogger finds the cutest stuff at Walmart!

This blogger finds the cutest fashions at Walmart! Need that fleece

Shop my top picks by clicking an image in the widget below (these are all items I saw in-store and give my thumbs up of approval to! There I go again, ending a sentence with a preposition...)

Thank you for the sherpa link! I was looking to buy it for my grandma for Christmas!
#1 Channing (Homepage) on 2018-08-27 13:38 (Reply)
The sherpa pullover is SO good... I bought both the black/gray version and the burgundy. I did size up one size to allow for layering. Happy to report that they wash well too. I washed mine in cold/cold, delicate cycle, tumble dry low with dryer balls. Were just as fluffy and soft after washing (if not more so). Really thinking about getting the ivory too!
#2 MichelleP on 2018-08-27 14:29 (Reply)
Glad to hear it washes well! Now I want more colors. Wish there was a zip-up version, too!
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2018-08-27 22:07 (Reply)
Agreed... a full zip-up version would be perfection.
#2.1.1 MichelleP on 2018-08-28 09:21 (Reply)
i’m getting the camo Henley!
#3 chacha on 2018-08-28 14:06 (Reply)
I was there too and picked up a mustard striped boatneck that is so cute! Came in other colors too. Awesome alone or paired with a sweater! $9.94! Also- picked out a sweater in the plus sizes that is to die for. The back had a pattern in the yarn and it looks like wool. The quality looks like it should come from a mall store. They have very cute things right now and that brand is awesome!
#4 Anissa on 2018-09-29 16:44 (Reply)
Love that striped top, you're making me think I need the mustard stripe too. I'll have to go back to see if I can find the sweaters! Glad you found some good stuff too.
#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2018-09-30 20:44 (Reply)
WHAT! This is unreal! Walmart has been stepping it up lately and I'm loving it! Thank you SO much for this post!
#5 Jordan (Homepage) on 2018-10-22 12:45 (Reply)
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