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Beauty Review: St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub and Cleanser

St Ive Elements Olive Oil Cleanser

Curious to try cleansing your skin with oil? The Budget Beauty Babe says new St. Ives Elements olive scrub and cleanser are a good place to start. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
Harsh winter weather and going in and out of heated buildings will really take a toll on your complexion, so I decided to pick up two olive oil-based products from St. Ives' new Elements product line: St. Ives Elements Olive Face Scrub and St. Ives Elements Olive Face Cleanser.

Hydrating from the inside is important (and eating healthy fats like olive oil), but ensuring your facial cleanser won't strip your skin of its protective oils is essential as well. Olive oil has been used for centuries as a beauty treatment, and although many balk at the idea of putting oil onto their faces it makes sense; like removes like, without being drying.

These two products do just the trick. After using my skin felt clean and fresh, but remained supple, soft and moisturized. Continued use showed no signs of irritation or breaking out, and my skin seemed more resilient against the elements. Both products work equally well in my opinion, however, I favor the scrub since I enjoy exfoliating on a regular basis. It has a nice creamy texture and a fresh clean scent (don't worry, you won't smell like a salad!).

The best part is that the scrub and cleanser cost $7.99 each at your local drugstore or grocery store. So the next time you need a break from winter skin, think olive oil, inside and out.

Shop it: St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanser, $7.99 at
St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub, $7.99 at

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#1 Barbara on 2008-12-28 02:37 (Reply)
humm... not that I need any more products like this in my closet, but I may have to run and grab some of this as my skin has been taking a toll this winter season (just like every year... will I ever learn?)
#2 Justine on 2008-12-29 12:47 (Reply)
thanks, budget babe! this product sounds great and your review was very helpful. hope you have a wonderful new year's!
#3 Lani (Homepage) on 2008-12-31 02:06 (Reply)
Yes! I haven`t personally tried that product, but I had to research olive oil exfoliants. I was traveling earlier this month, and I was in Argentina.
We went to a winery and also a family-owned olive oil factory. Their newest addition to their brand were 3 spa products, and I bought the olive oil scrub. It is amazing, but I`m afraid of using too much and running out. I`m glad St. Ive`s has a follow-up.

Thank you for the review!
#4 Christine on 2009-07-24 20:50 (Reply)
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