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Decorate by Number: Mint and Yellow Office

Spring office inspiration

Piggy backing off of Monday’s spring home essentials post, this week’s Decorate by Number is a cheery home office that is sure to brighten your day at work! Visit my blog A Vintage Splendor for more inspiration.

Similar to some other rooms we’ve seen and loved before, the color palette in this space is simple with the right amount of pop. The yellow chair and mint blue ottoman don’t overwhelm the space; instead, they help liven the office and add a little bit of warmth. This is very important when decorating a space for work. Can you imagine trying to work in a white box? It’s not going to be pleasant and that’s why minimal use of color is a good idea.

10 Ways to Make it Feel like Spring at Home - Right Now!

Spring Decor Finds for the Home

In this weekly column, I'm sharing decor tips & finds that look expensive but won't break the bank! This week, we're looking ahead to spring. For more inspiration, visit my blog A Vintage Splendor.

Spring is just about a month away and for most of the US that may seem like eons away. It’s definitely “springing” here in Los Angeles, while everyone else is enjoying a massive drizzling of snow. Fear not, you can bring the warmth of spring to your home with these 10 fabulous pieces.

Make Over Your Entryway for Under $500

Stylish finds to make over your entryway on a budget

Happy Friday! It's Annette, back with another edition of decor finds that will give your home a high-style look - for less! This week, we're chatting entryways. For more inspiration check out my blog A Vintage Splendor.

We all know that first impressions are key when meeting a potential boss, future in laws, or a blind date. I feel the same about meeting a new home or at least introducing my home to new friends. The entryway is the first thing guests see when entering your home and I think it's important to make a solid good first impression. This doesn't mean you have to go color crazy or spend thousands of dollars to make sure there's chemistry. In fact, you can make over your entryway for under $500.

Budget Decor: 10 Essentials Every Guest Bedroom Needs

Guest Bedroom Essentials

In this weekly column, I'm sharing high-style, low-cost tips and finds for your home. This week, it's all about creating the perfect guest bedroom without breaking the bank. Visit my blog A Vintage Splendor for more inspiration.

You know that feeling when you check in at a hotel room and you’re automatically transported into a blissful state of mind? We all love it. It’s the same type of ambience I try to create at home for guests; creating a guest bedroom that is a retreat not just another room. Here are my favorite guest room essentials when it comes to planning a welcoming room for guests.

Decorate by Number: Rustic Eclectic Bedroom

Rustic bedroom

In this weekly column, I'm sharing tips to help you achieve high-style home decor looks—on a budget. This week we're chatting bedrooms. Visit my blog A Vintage Splendor for more inspiration.

My affinity for tranquil and monochrome bedrooms has been well documented here, but I can’t seem to get enough of spaces that exude that feeling of calm we all crave at home. This bedroom’s eclectic decor creates a sense of ease and relaxation within a beautiful white rustic space. It's a nice departure from the more bohemian or super vibrant eclectic rooms that are trending right now, yet still offers enough variety so as not to be boring.