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Fall Workout Wardrobe Part I: Outside Running

Stay chic while working out

Summer is now gone and I am finding myself cozying up inside with my fun fall sweaters a little too often – it seems like a better option than going out in the cold, right? Well, the best way I’ve found to stay motivated and keep that hard-worked-for bikini body is more clothes! We forget to give this part of our closet as much love as others, but with these oh-so stylish fall running essentials you’ll find yourself loving the great outdoors again and still being able to feed your sweet tooth addiction, guilt-free, come Thanksgiving!

3 Must-Try Trends for Fall: Inspired by Celebrities and New York Fashion Week

Fall trends to try

With the fall season comes new fashion trends, especially right after NYFW! Whether you’re stumbling to get up in the morning for class, going to a lunch date with an old friend, or a full-time busy mom, you’ll be able to incorporate these hot and universal trends on the charts right now. To help you transition into the new season, here are some outfit ideas and the celebrities or NYFW show they are inspired by!

6 Daily Deal Sites You'll Want to Bookmark Before You Even Finish Reading

6 daily deal sites worth bookmarking /

Amidst our end-of-summer heartbreak (the scarce number of tank-tops left in stores is cringe-worthy, don't you think?), we can still rely on budget-friendly daily deal sites for a whole lotta love. These retail romancers don't limit us to one season: From crafting supplies to designer-inspired jewelry, there's something seductive for every shopper year-round. Here are the need-to-know details of six of our favorite daily-deal sites wooing us right now. Have a site that you can't live without? Tell us about it in the comments!