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Fall Workout Wardrobe Part I: Outside Running

Stay chic while working out

Summer is now gone and I am finding myself cozying up inside with my fun fall sweaters a little too often – it seems like a better option than going out in the cold, right? Well, the best way I’ve found to stay motivated and keep that hard-worked-for bikini body is more clothes! We forget to give this part of our closet as much love as others, but with these oh-so stylish fall running essentials you’ll find yourself loving the great outdoors again and still being able to feed your sweet tooth addiction, guilt-free, come Thanksgiving!
1. Long Tights

Running tights

Filament Tights / Therma Performance Tights / Patch Pocket Leggings

Being one of my splurge-worthy options, running tights are a staple in the colder months and can always be used to replace your leggings on those chilly days too. Don’t like going in public in just tights? They are also a great layering item under your summer shorts which is still stylish and comfortable. Whether you want to splurge or save, these options are great investments.

2. Layers, Layers, Layers

Tank / Pullover / Jacket / Vest

Layering can be one of the most difficult things while running outside because the battle between too much and not enough is almost inevitable. It’s important to have the right variety of options - a form-fitting, lightweight tank under a slimming pullover is going to feel so much better than your old high school t-shirt. With these, you’ll feel good no matter what you’re wearing, keeping you inspired to get out and feel the breeze. The next best thing about these items is how easy they are on the wallet and, with fun color options you’ll never get tired of the same old thing!

3. Shoes

Patterned / Purple & Burnt Orange / Flash Yellow & Hot Pink / Black & Peach / White & Peach / Purple & Green

Another splurge-worthy essential: Shoes! Running outside can be harder on your lower body than exercising inside so it’s always good to have shoes that make you feel just as good! While it’s not the only great brand out there, Nike has always had great performance tennis shoes and they offer so much variety in colors (you can even customize some styles). You’re bound to find one that fits your style; it’s definitely my go-to!

4. Cold-weather accessories

Water Bottle / Sports Bra / Fleece Headband / Turban Headband / Running Cuff

Yes, accessories for running – you read it right! Just as any other workout, running can be hard on your body so it’s important to support your body and maintain your health as you normally would. The great thing about this – it’s so easy to do it fashionably! Victoria’s Secret has even made an insulated water bottle worth swooning over with their new sport line. Other great items to have are a high-intense sports bra, a zip pocket cuff, and a stylish ear warmer. Get these and you’ll thank yourself later!

What are your current running must-haves? Do you have a different item you think is worth splurging on? Let me know! ♦
Don't forget about lucy activewear! Although it can be pricey, they always have great sales where you can score great running gear for great prices. And the best part - it washes so well and I've found it holds up so much better than the less expensive counterparts.
#1 Emily @ alittlebitofem (Homepage) on 2013-11-06 21:01 (Reply)
Totally agree, Em!
#1.1 Matt Bower on 2023-03-09 16:16 (Reply)
The grey pullover caught my eye and I clicked the link, expecting it to be $$$ and it was from Old Navy and discounted. Thanks for the rec, I'm going to have to pick one these up for the cooler weather runs!
#2 Courtney (Homepage) on 2013-11-06 21:04 (Reply)
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