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How to Grow Your Brand - My Interview with Amazon Associates

The Budget Babe shares 6 expert tips to help grow your brand.
Recently I did an interview with the Fashion Hub at Amazon Associates on the 6 must-dos to grow your brand. It feels strange to be on the advice-giving end of things because I feel like I'm always learning (and just trying to keep up most days!) But I think you'll find these tips useful especially if you're just starting out and want to know what it really takes to succeed. Thanks to Amazon Associates for taking time to chat with me.

Is 90's Fashion Back? The Budget Babe Talks Fall 2017 Trends on Anna & Raven

The Budget Babe talks fall 2017 fashion trends on the Anna & Raven Show on Star 99.9 in Connecticut.
Are the 90's really back in style? I answer this burning question and talk more fall 2017 fashion trends with my friends at The Anna & Raven Show on Star 99.9, a local radio station here in Connecticut. Catch the interview below, plus a 60-second highlight video. Thanks again to everyone at the station especially Anna and Raven for having me on!