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Look for Less: L.A.M.B. Hunter Button Strap Bootie

Chloe Bakers Strap Booties

Bakers has done it again. This time, the affordable shoe retailer has knocked-off L.A.M.B.'s "Hunter" Button Strap Bootie with a shoe they call the "Chleo," which is available in either tan or black for $79.95. I honestly can not think of an outfit that could not be complemented by either pair of shoes, but with their antique, Edwardian feel, I think they'd look amazing with something ultra-feminine and vintage Thoughts?

Left: Chleo pumps, $79.95 at
Right: L.A.M.B. Women's Hunter Button Strap Bootie, $379.95 at

These are gorgeous!and such close replicas!
#1 Ashley on 2009-01-30 13:49 (Reply)
If only the heel was lower for me...i really like them!
#2 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-01-30 14:12 (Reply)
They are super fly! And almost identical!
#3 Peaches on 2009-01-30 14:22 (Reply)
So, I know this is totally off topic, but I got my Faryl Robin boots today and I love them! The leather is so soft and there is almost a sheen that is ever so subtle to the color of the leather. Thanks for the tip, BB!h
#4 allison on 2009-01-30 14:33 (Reply)
i love those shoes!
#5 giggleness (Homepage) on 2009-01-31 05:01 (Reply)
i love these shoes they look terrific !
#6 slanelle (Homepage) on 2009-01-31 05:49 (Reply)
i actually like the bakers one's BETTER!
#7 gina (Homepage) on 2009-01-31 11:19 (Reply)
I really cannot see any difference! Don't they have issues with author's rights and such?
#8 Alexandra (Homepage) on 2009-01-31 15:31 (Reply)
Wow these are a total knock off. I love them. I wouldn't know how to wear them in the cooler months. Any suggestions? I really need to see these with an outfit.
#9 Nika on 2009-01-31 21:45 (Reply)
Those are cool, I'm just afraid in a few years, I won't want to wear them.
#10 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-02-04 11:17 (Reply)
Just discovered these at

for $35 enjoy!
#11 liz on 2009-03-12 00:30 (Reply)
I actually bought them in gray and am going to wear them for my wedding. And they are HOT!
#12 Emma Lilly (Homepage) on 2009-08-18 01:52 (Reply)
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